Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I have just finished the "oeil de boeuf", the round window on the roof. As I didn't have a router, I did it with polystyrene foam. I carved the foam, then covered with glue for wood, I let it dry and then painted it.
 Maybe it's a bit too dark. I have to wait for a day or two and I'll see if I have to do the ageing again....
Some furniture I ordered from Hong kong from UOL has arrived and I am very happy with it. I may adapt it to the room but the quality of the furniture is very good. Every piece is carefully protected for shipping, my order was sent the day after I had ordered it and 5 days later I got it!
The price is reasonable which , for me, was an essential criteria as I can't afford to spend much on furniture.

Have a look at their website and maybe you will discover something you were looking for. I can only recommend them:)

I guess I should put some wall paper to make it look more realistic  or wood panels? What do you think? Any suggestions?
The chimney is not attached to the wall yet to make wall papering or painting easier.
If I don't put papers on the wall I guess I'll have to "distress" the painting....

One more thing: If you like old French shop, I found this great website with hundreds of facades and details of shops dating from 1900's. A gold mine for miniaturists. Have a look:

When you are at the bottom of the page, click on  1- 50 then 51 to 100,  and enjoy!


  1. Très beau projet de boutique Parisienne et je sais de quoi je parle .Ravie de suivre l'évolution .Une petite question , la devanture est faite en Forex , pouvez-vous en dire plus sur ce matériel ???
    Bonne continuation et bienvenue sur blogger.

  2. Hi Patrick,
    I just found your blog and became your new follower.
    I love your shop, so much nice details.
    What a good idea to use polysterin foam,i must remember this. Thanks for the link from the shops, i love to make miniature shops too.
    If you want my oppinion for your room? I would use wallpaper.

  3. Hi Patrick, I just found your blog too and think the French shop you are building is beautiful. I am definitely going to follow this blog to watch you building and decorating this lovely shop.

    1. Hi Maria, Hi Chris,
      Welcome to my blog. Thanks for following my project. I will add some pictures this week. I am working on a wood stove for the shop. Let's see.....
      Have a nice day
      Hot (32deg.C) and sunny in Thailand.

  4. You window has worked out great! Thanks for the link to all those photos, what a fabulous resource.

  5. wow, I love the photo of the room, the light.. makes the scene extra realistic, and it looks quite real as it is!

  6. Thank you for the link to old French shops. Love your blog and the shops you make!

  7. Inventive solution to come up with foam and put glue on it so you can paint it. Great finish on it too; the result is nothing short of a real wooden window.