Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sorry for not adding anything on my blog for a while....
Well, I have added a wood stove for the winter. It is made from plastic bits and pieces. I have made two little display cabinets for the shirts and collars. The boxes are kits from Lisa Engler

I then started making miniature books for the little stand I ordered from HK. It was my first experience with miniature books and I made about 30 in one night. (didn't sleep much!)
Here is the result:
I needed a mannequin for the shop. It's done. The body is made of Japanese clay which dries in the air and doesn't need baking. Now I have to think about how to make a jacket to display on the mannequin.

So this is a glimpse of the second floor. Still wondering if I look for wallpaper or not.....Sorry the picture is a bit blurred!