Monday, December 24, 2012

Let me introduce my cat. She is a stray Burmese cat I found in Bangkok. She always watches carefully what I am doing and hates it when I leave her alone.
Only one funny thing: she loves sleeping in a huge clay water jar! Must be cool inside I guess!
Isn't she beautiful?

I have started the second part of my project, another building, quite similar that will be on the left of the first one. I have used the same structure for the shop but it has smaller windows and a double door, much bigger. Upstairs will be a bedroom. I have already chosen the wallpaper and the fabric, one of the beautiful toiles de Jouy of Catherine Ferouelle ( Visit her shop:
you'll love it if you like French fabric)
The roof will be different too. I'll try to do a Mansard roof.
Downstairs, I am not sure yet but I am thinking of a 'blanchisserie' ( a laundry?) where people used to bring bedsheet, tablecloths, etc to be washed and ironed. I want to do something a bit different from the other shops. I am not sure about the choice, let's say 60% sure...LOL), if not a modist shop (hatmaker?)

On the next picture, I've applied the first layer, some kind of greyish tone and I have started applying thin layers of water with a little black painting to give more depth to the moldings.
On the right side, you can see the difference. These layers will give life to the facade.
I had to go quickly as when it dries, the color may change from one side to the other.
I used a sponge to remove the water and only leave the pigments.

Now both sides are finished. The next step will be to do the same with the doors and then I will remove the tapes that protect the glass. At that moment only, I will know how the shop will look like.

Tomorrow is Christmas and all the people who live far away from their parents and siblings, as I do, know how difficult this period of Christmas is. I am painting my facade while listening to some Christmas music.

Happy Christmas to everyone who reads my blog. 
Bon Noel a toutes et a tous!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I had a pair of simple of andirons and they didn't match with the style "Petit Bourgeois" of the furniture. I had some bits of decoration I had found in Bangkok.

With a saw, some glue I have made a new pair of andirons that now match the scene! And the two cats love watching the embers in the hearth! :)
 A few weeks ago, I made a plaster "rosette" and now my chandelier looks much better. In the near future I will try to add bulbs to the new ones I'll make but I still don't know how to connect the wires together. I'll have to search on youtube again! LOL

Today was an important plan was to put wall paper. After reading from other blogs, I used the "pattern technique" as I didn't want to waste wallpaper. It means I did a pattern with white paper for the most difficult areas, i.e the fireplace and worked. I had printed the wall paper on 80gr paper so I used glue in spray. It's really good but no error is allowed. When the paper touches the wall, you can't remove it.
the atmosphere of the room has completely changed. It looks much more realistic and cosy. I added a few rugs that I had bought in Istambul, some miniature bronze statues I found in Bangkok at the amulet market, one or two paintings and it doesn't look bad at all...

Now I need to think about how to make the curtains. I have found the fabric but I have no idea on how to make them.
I need to find some little objects too to give it life.