Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Today was an important plan was to put wall paper. After reading from other blogs, I used the "pattern technique" as I didn't want to waste wallpaper. It means I did a pattern with white paper for the most difficult areas, i.e the fireplace and worked. I had printed the wall paper on 80gr paper so I used glue in spray. It's really good but no error is allowed. When the paper touches the wall, you can't remove it.
the atmosphere of the room has completely changed. It looks much more realistic and cosy. I added a few rugs that I had bought in Istambul, some miniature bronze statues I found in Bangkok at the amulet market, one or two paintings and it doesn't look bad at all...

Now I need to think about how to make the curtains. I have found the fabric but I have no idea on how to make them.
I need to find some little objects too to give it life.


  1. Good work on the wallpaper! It's terrifying working with that adhesive.

    I do love the view of the house with the lights on.

  2. Wonderful room I love the wallpaper. The room looks very cosy.
    Hugs Maria