Friday, January 11, 2013

I wanted to have a glass partition in the shop to give it some depth and to break the "box" feeling. I used acrylic, drew panes and a door and made a kind of stencil.

Then I removed the brown paper at the back and placed a sticker that 'blurred' the glass so that the light can go through but you can't see what's behind. The idea is that, as it is a laundry, they're washing or ironing in the other room and steam covers the glass.
Does it seem realistic? I don't know....
Then I add a small wall and I need to finish the door and add a door handle.
I will use a strip of LEDs to light the room at the back.
Enough for today... but quite happy with the result.


  1. I like it. You broke to box feeling. It must be great to have an outdoor workspace, over here it's freezing cold. I am working with the space heater turned to maximum and it's still cold. Looking forward to the next update.

  2. It seems very realistic especially when the lighting will be installed.

  3. I agree with the other readers that it looks very realistic. A fantastic concept!

  4. I love it! It looks marvelous! :D