Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Looking old in a few minutes!

1- Build a chimney and draw the bricks with a sharp tool...
2- With sandpaper, sand secerely all the angles so that it doesn't look new anymore. Then  paint it with a red tone so that it looks like a new chimney...
3. Now apply thin layers of darker colors such as brown and black. Use a sponge to spread the color on some areas only. The darker the chimney gets, the better it looks. Add some yellow and some green to the basic dark colour. When there's too much color, jut wash it away with water.(I use acrylics)
After a few minutes, the chimney starts looking like the one on the picture on my laptop.(see picture 2 in the background, the sample picture)No the painting is fresh so it shines but when it's dry, it'll look mat. Tomorrow, I'll check it and add some color or sand some areas.
Now put the chimney on the roof and glue it in its place.
Now ageing the roof was not that easy as no error was allowed since the roof is covered with...paper and it won't appreciate getting wet. So I used a watercolor crayon and very little water. I mainly underlined the structure and washed the colour away, I added a little green next to the gutter.
Then I painted the parts around the window so that it may look like rusted metal.

With a different light, this is the result:
Maybe you'll think the patina isn't enough but I have checked a few pictures of zinc roofs and there aren't many signs to show zinc is  getting old.


  1. Hello Patrick, the roof looks amazing. Watch out you don't over work your faux zinc roof. I like the aging on the chimney it look very realistic.

  2. You're right. Does it look aged enough?
    Thanks for the compliment about the chimney. Now I can work very quickly when I have to give patina to Forex, the acrylic I use for the buildings.

  3. very realistic effects, will have to try this the next time I want to age brick work

  4. I have just joined your blog and looked through all the posts since the beginning. I have really enjoyed seeing your all the beautiful projects you have been working on.

  5. Hi Patrick, thanks for the tutorial about the chimney; I'll keep it in mind! The roof is becoming real nice too!

  6. Very nice job aging the chimney.

  7. Your chimney look fantastic. I love what you did to the roof.

  8. Hello to all of you.
    Thanks for your lovely comments. It's great to hear from you all and it encourages me to add new pages to my blog but I am quite busy with university right now. I'll try to post something next week.
    Have a lovely day