Thursday, February 7, 2013

An idea of the laundry shop

Here is a picture (4 pictures actually) of what the shop will look like.

Tonight I built 2 shelves which are not finished yet and a table.That wasn't too difficult. Tomorrow I will try to finish the shelves and paint them, probably grey .... Southampton (Hi AM!) Joking, I don't even know what grey Southampton looks like.
For the lamp shade, I was about to throw away the milk bottle this morning when I noticed the structure was quite translucent, so I cut and used it to make a shade. This is just a prototype but the matter is perfect. Though it is very hard to cut a circle with scissors or a cutter. But it really looks like "opaline"in French. Sorry I don't know the English word and it's too late to check...LOL
I now have to collect samples of white fabric to make piles of bed sheet to store on the shelves. Some old laces would be great too to figure curtains but I'm in Thailand, and we don't have flea markets as in France.
I'll have to wait for May and my annual visit to my family to go Emmaus and get some. A few months to wait...
For the rest of the shop, I plan it quite simple: some parcels ready to be delivered, baskets with laundry inside, a bucket for the coal.... Any ideas?
AM, I like your angels very much but agree with the other comments, the rest of the panels needs to be more
Have a great day.


  1. Hey Patrick... haha THNX i just finished glueing these nasty little beads around the whole frame... why why why do i always start these crazy projects haha...
    Great idea to make your lamp out of a milk bottle. Perhape an idea to use a Dremel to cut out a perfect circle. I like the "milk" glass back wall it gives the shop a authentic and realistic vibe. Check out this link perhapse you'll find a few extra idea's
    Well i am dressed up and off to a charity gala!
    Wishing you a great evening! gr. AM