Sunday, February 3, 2013

As today is Sunday, I have time to work on my projects. I can make the list of all the details I need to finish on my two houses.

I am still not sure about the second shop. Any ideas?

What about if I hung some hats on the shop front ? I saw an old picture of a shop where they displayed the hats outside on each side of the shop.

The Mansard roof is almost finished, so is the chimney. I may make the chimney a little bit darker.
I added a water pipe on the right shop side. I think it brings a lot of realism. I used  plastic straws  ( I only used 3 and have another 47 in the bags!) Don't forget to spay plastic primer as paint won't work without it!
I will add the same pipe on the other side and will think about the gutter on the roofs.
Have a good day!
Today I got my 3900th visit on my blog! Amazing!
Now I have to to something with the sidewalls. First, filler to hide the structure of the plywood.


  1. Fascinating! These buildings are absolutely beautiful, some of the best I've seen :)

  2. Hey Patrick, hoping you have a great weekend! I like the hats on the outside of the shop. It give the shop a certian Je ne sais quoi. Congratz on the 3900th visits. gr. AM

  3. Such a joy to look at your shops!

  4. I think a ornamental wrought iron sign with a hat would be great! I have seen lots of antique French signs that suggest what sort of shop it is using a silhouette.

    How about an old fashioned chemist (or what Americans call a pharmacy)for the other shop.

  5. Bonjour Patrick
    Réalisation magnifique, j'adore ces deux boutiques pour leur réalisme ainsi que pour la pâtine et le vieillissement. Je suis une grand fan de ce genre de projet. L'ensemble est harmonieux et d'un réalisme extraordinaire.
    Que trouvera t'on dans la seconde boutique ?