Thursday, February 14, 2013

I haven't had much time this week, but yesterday, I managed to find half an hour to paint an ad on that big empty wall.I used watercolor pens again.
I also added a small sign on the 2nd facade.

I glued the floor in the shop. I like it, it looks really good
My grandmother had the same in her kitchen!

That's all for today.
Have a great day,

PS. AM, Would you like one of them? They just need a few real feathers on the tail and head.


  1. Hey Patrick, great mural and very appropriate for today. I like the little sign on the second facade it's gives the building karakter.
    I am going to sound like a broken record yet again but the floor looks amazing! wishing you a great day. gr. AM

  2. who are you! Im so happy I stumbled across your blog..everything is just fantastic!


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  4. Your work is really amazing. I love the ad on the wall.

  5. Hi Patrick, Just found your blog and I am blown away by the realism of your shops. I have been wondering whether to make windows in the side of my shop and having seen yours I think I might. Love your signs the are so well done, and the cockatoos,did you make them?

  6. Hello,
    Thanks to everyone, I am so happy to hear about your positive comments.
    I need to age the signs I painted yesterday. They look too new.
    As the 2nd ad says there's a milliner (une modiste in French) on the 2nd floor, I'll have to make some miniature hats!

    I already have an idea for my 3rd project!
    The Moat's bedroom in the Chateau de Villandry. It's the 17th picture on this site:

    About the parrots, I didn't make them, I got them in a stall at JJ weekend Market in Bangkok. If you like them, I'll be happy to send one to you. Email to me at
    Today is King Narai's Festival, a Thai King who met Louis XIV's ambassadors in his palace, in Lopburi where I live.
    So I have to teach wearing Thai traditional costume for the whole day!
    Have a great day!

  7. Magnifique, la pub donne très bien sur la façade. Je pense que je l'utiliserais un jour sur une de mes vitrines. Merci

    1. Bonjour Patricia, Merci de vos compliment. Je dois ncore un peu attenuer les couleurs de la publicite, elle fait trop "neuve" mais un peu d'eponge metallique et ca devrait etre mieux.
      J'ai une question: Comment avez-vous fait pour faire toutes ces petites etiquettes miniscules pour votre epicerie?
      A tres bientot,

  8. El trabajo que muestras en el blog es excepcional en planteamiento y realización.
    Me encanta y me parece de una calidad extraordinaria

  9. You have been busy while I've been away!! Everything is looking fantastic. I especially love the exterior wall finish, and how clever to do that painted advertisement. Thanks too for the tip re watercolour pens, I didn't know such a thing existed, they could be VERY useful for lots of things.