Friday, March 29, 2013

The milliner's bedroom

Here is the first part: the back wall with the niche and the two doors, the left one to the landing, the right one to a small"cabinet de toilette", no shower or bath in the early XX th on the top floors, the floor for the maids'room. It's just the beginning of the construction.
 I'd like to get the same atmosphere when the room is finished but I am not trying to copy every detail, just to get some ideas.
Beautiful picture, isn't it? Again, it's Honore de Balzac's bedroom in the Chateau de Sache, Indre et Loire. Don't miss it if you visit la Touraine !

 It's a simple bed for a simple girl to contrast with the rooms full of feathers and flowers to make hats.

The wall paper is nice but I don't know where I can find something similar. Any ideas?
I have these four samples.  Which one do you like?

Have a great and busy weekend!

Congratulations to Brae for winning the best blog competition and thanks to Roberta from Chambersburg for sending me some miniature patterns for men's clothes for the tailor's shop.
PS. The bed will look a little bit like this:
This is just a prototype to check if the measures are right. Did you notice the niche is much higher now? It looked too small before. The bedcover is a cuff of one of my shirt, LOL I have no sewing machine here so I have to use what I can find here. Another shirt with short sleeves. As the temperature is now around 40 degrees every day, sleeveless shirts are a must!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Hello everyone,

Sorry for having been so quiet but every year, before our spring break, I am quite busy with grading exams and this year is not different.
I hope that before going home, to France, for holidays in April I will show you the 1st pictures of the Chinese shop house, a two-storey building with two adjoining shops on the street level.

I have just started cutting the different elements and will start the shop doors soon.

I am also working on the room above the laundry shop, a milliner's workshop. it's just a bedroom where we could imagine someone made hats she then delivered to a shop.
 My grandmother was a milliner so I'd like to pay a tribute to her. 
The bed will be in an "alcove", (is that a "nook" in English?)
Something like this...

This is Honore de Balzac's bedroom when he visited his friends at the Chateau de Sache near Tours (a must-see if you ever visit the place where I come from), this and the house of George Sand in Berry and the Chateau de Villandry.
So I'll build something like this and will add hats being made. What do you think?

 I have added some nice china pieces I have found in Bangkok in my Etsy shop Seribatu. I only have one of each unfortunately. They're real china, hand painted, no stickers. They're very delicate. I have also added a few more bronze statues. I have already sold a few and the people are happy with them. That's a good start!
                 This is a pretty ginger jar with an Asian decor

                 A tea pot, the big size model as they used here           before.

                 a tall vase with waterlilies

                 a ginger jar with two matching plates. The decoration is amazing as it is hand painted.

It is good that I can find miniatures here and share my findings with you.

Back to my grading now.... I know that where you live, it's probably pretty cold but here the temperature yesterday was 40 degrees Celsius...!
But the rainy season is coming soon.
Have a great day,
Wish you well,

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A shop on Etsy

Sorry for keeping you waiting but I haven't finished drawing the sketches for my next project, the Chinese shop house and I am bit late with all the final exams I have to grade before Songkran, the water festival and the beginning of our summer holidays.
I like to turn on the lights in the shops in the evening and this is what I see....I feel a bit sad they're almost done now. Only one room upstairs, the millinery's workshop, needs to be created but watching Downtown Abbey (which I love)
gives me a lot of ideas about hats...

I am happy to announce the opening of my shop on, its name is SERIBATU, the name of a small village in Bali where I used to go.
As I love antique markets in Bangkok, I have gathered quite an important number of miniature bronze statues. They are old and have got a nice patina. I am selling now some of them. The most beautiful will go into my Chinese shop.
I will had some Japanese clay flowers and my parrots on their stands.
Of course, if you read my blog and like any of these bronze statues and if you want to "swap", you're most welcome to contact me here.
Have a great day....

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

No, no, don’t run away! You’re on the right blog but today I won’t show you pictures of miniature buildings but real buildings.
As I told you before, my 3rd project will be a Chinese shop house. There used to be thousands of them in Bangkok, especially in Chinatown but they have almost completely disappeared. They are testimonies of the past when the Chinese business was thriving.

They are not really ‘beautiful’ but I need a change and I will go back to the French architecture later.
These shops are still to be found north of Chinatown in an area called… most of them are still occupied by the same families but the business doesn’t seem thriving.

As the architecture isn’t particular, I will try to focus on the ageing of the building and the damage of time. I will also focus on the interior of the shop.
One room downstairs, the shop, many of them are still Chinese pharmacies or local food shop. Very high wooden doors, no shop windows. One room upstairs, no windows, only wooden shutters. Big wooden signs in Chinese and Thai. Small “marquises” (J AM)  or awnings made of wood above the windows and the doors.
The painting is derelict, and often falling apart. I liked the green and the pink colors of the doors.

Some are in good condition, others seem abandoned. I don’t know yet what option I will choose. So here are some pictures.
I am not very good at drawing blue prints so I will just make a few sketches.
I don't know yet the type of shop I'll try to do, a Chinese pharmacy?maybe... 

I will keep you posted…
Have a good day!

The scale:1/12
The material: Forex, plywood, cardboard,