Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The milliner's room hasn't changed much, I'll finish it when I come back.I just made a table and stools
 But I added something...
 You see these big boxes, they contain " des articles de mode" items, right? (Sorry I am not really good at making cardbooard boxes, maybe you could write a tutorial for me, dear viewers... LOL!

Feathers that will decorate hats, lovely green, isn't it? .....well they were graciously given by them....
They are native parrots from Thailand, but these two were born in captivity and don't want to fly out of their cage. They'd probably be eaten by some cats or some ...neighbours anyway if they flew away as they are not wild.
These parrots have a friend....

A little frog who has been living with them for months now. I don't know how he (?) she (she) came into the cage, I don't know what she eats or how she drinks. I wonder why the parrots tolerate her...anyway, she moved into the box where they are supposed to hatch and she?he (?) has decided she liked it. Every evening, she comes out and stands on the perch next to the birds. Maybe she thinks she is a bird...? And the funny thing is that they are exactly the same green.
NB: Frogs look nice but some of them here can be poisonous if you touch them. Not this one I guess!


  1. I love your kitties looking the way they do in this photo (I remember them from the other room) and how you placed them on the bed. I like your table and stool and the boxes as well, they really add to the room, bring it to life, well done! And what great coloured feathers! The frog makes me laugh, what a strange place to seek housing... but 'it' seems to be very content so why question its choice right? That way your parrot has some company too, albeit from a very unlikely species... nature's great! Have a save trip and a great time!

  2. Helllo Patrick! Isn't nature grand! Always Full of surprises. I love the way you have enclosed the bed and the 2 kittens are so sweet they way you have them positioned. The box looks like it has been opened and closed many a time so maybe it is not brand new but has some history that makes it look well used.
    Have a safe journey homeward Patrick


  3. Hello Monique and Elizabeth,
    Thanks for your messages. I like to add animals to my creations, there's always a cat, a dog or a parrot somewhere. Maybe just because I can't imagine living without animals. After moving in that new country, I immediately rescued a cat who is still living with me.
    You're right, the atmosphere in the room is coming slowly. I don't want it too tidy, just to recreate the ambiance of a room where someone works to make a living creating hats. There'll be more details added when I come back, it's only in my imagination now, LOL
    Yes, it's funny how different animals, two parrots and a frog can live together in harmony.
    Monique, I am happy to read your comments about the furniture I built, I can only build simple furnitures but they add personality to the rooms we built, right? I need to work on the ageing of the furniture when I come back.
    Elizabeth, I like the way you talk about the boxes, "opened and closed many times", that is exactly what I wanted to recreate.

    The long flight home will allow me to dream about new projects......

  4. Hi!

    The millers room has such a wonderful atmosphere!!! Fantastic work!!!!

    And I like the Story about your little frog :)
    Funny, that he/she decided to live in a bird Cage with parrots!

    Have a nice day,
    Hugs Lina

  5. Thanks Lina, I am happy you like it. It was a good idea to separate that big room, creating two little rooms on each side. One is a "cabinet de toilette" and the other one, the landing. It gives the room a better atmosphere. But it will look better and better when I come back from France as I am leaving Thailand tonight for one month.

  6. I love the kittehs! at first I didn't notice them because they were in the back but what a wonderful surprise! my cats wouldn't do that they do not want to be anywhere together...have fun in France

    Marisa :)