Sunday, September 22, 2013

House of spirits

In Thailand, you can see miniature houses standing next to most homes. These miniature houses in 1/12 are called spirit houses. Spirit houses are the dwelling places for invisible helpful spirits. Thai people offer food and drinks to their spirits as they protect your home. I want to share the following pictures with you as this spirit house is very detailed and in good condition. Some are real works of art. Nowadays most are made in cement but the wooden ones are are really beautiful and unique.

 I have two at home and though I am not a buddhist, I like the idea that friendly spirits protect my house. In a next post, I will show you "cemetaries" of spirit houses. When you drive, it's not unusual to see dozens of old and dilapidated spirit houses tossed together on the roadsides. That's the way they finish their lives.


  1. Pour en avoir vu plusieurs cette été celle-ci est particulière ment superbe.

  2. This one is just beautiful and must have been cared for for a very long time. It's a shame that most of them are made of cement nowadays. The idea of friendly protective spirits really appeals to me too and of course one should provide a beautiful home for them!

  3. Je ne connaissais pas cette tradition et je la trouve très jolie. Cette petite maison est superbe.

  4. it's very beautiful but Im sad that they are just tossed out onto the side of the road though I wouldn't pick one up cause that spirit thing is spooky!


  5. Hi Patrick, it's so nice of you to show this, it's always nice to learn about foreign culture. It looks amazing, so beautiful. Absolutely unbelievable that they are thrown away! Smart thing to have two yourself, I hope that the spirits take good care of you, but I'm sure they will, since you saved them from the cemetery.