Friday, February 21, 2014

The Moat's bedroom

I have now finished the three walls, the 3 double doors, the window and the panelling. 
I tend to think that this project will be a draft for another project. I need to improve my work to get a better quality. But for such a room, a draft will be very useful. 
The further I go, the more I appreciate the style of this room, is that Louis XVI? Every part is harmonious. 

The next step will be to apply gesso to the plastic I use so that the paint will hold. And then the 1st layer of green...

I have a sample of wallpaper so I can imagine what the alcove will look like. I have ordered the fabric from Catherine Ferouelle . I can't wait to receive it from France.I'll do the curtains and the screen with that fabric. I have also made a day bed to put in the alcove. I may do another one later but I needed something to fill this space.

It's nice to work in the garden, in the shade of the palm trees. We haven't had rain for months now and the temperature in the daytime is about 32 degrees Celsius.
The next step is to paint the fireplace, grey marble then paint the inside panels in a lighter shade of green. That can be a success or a disaster,I know...
Another view of the room. I couldn't wait to hang some paintings I had prepared before. The frames are cheap but I weathered them a little bit with paint and they look good, I think. As you can think the grey marble is done but I will work on it later when the first layers are dry to add some veins. I have also painted the floor of the hall behind as the doors will be opened

The illusion starts to operate. I have re-upholstered 3 chairs and made one couch with a fabric I had with the same pattern, the birds. I like the light of the sunset through the window.

For once, I have used spray paint because I didn't like the effect I got with brushes, too thick, maybe. 

But that colour didn't exist in a can so I used three colours, "machine green" ( I loved it but it was too dark), a quick spray of yellow,  a light spray of blue and I sprayed white all over the walls to attenuate the colour. 

I hope you like it. I do. For the panelling, I covered all the other parts with tapes and sprayed more white on some areas to get a lighter tone.

 I like to paint with spray paints and I have decided I'll buy an air spray gun compressor as soon as I can afford it. Should I buy a small one for painter or a normal one? I don't know yet. What do you think?

The next step will be the floor and the ceiling, then the chandelier and the sconces. 

The floor, First, I wanted to use real wood. Brodnax Prints make a beautiful wood parquet. If I decide to do this project again, I'd love to have this parquet but the price is too high for now. Each 48 square inch costs $16 
but it's beautiful...

but I need about 10 sets.... so I will go for good quality printed pictures from Spain. They are affordable and from a distance, the parquet will look OK, I hope.
Though I'd like the challenge to do my own parquet.... I hope I'll be able to show you more pictures before the weekend ends but today is Saturday and here, on Saturday at the university, teachers work till ....4!


  1. You're creating a wonderful atmosphere in this room. Love the fabric!

  2. It's a great progress! Your project is getting wonderful!

  3. Estas creando un maravilloso ambiente!!! Las puertas y suelo son un trabajo impresionante!!!

  4. Your work is absolutely amazing, such good taste in all the petit detail- thank you for sharing with us- greetings from Afrique du Sud- Colette

  5. Espectacular y precioso!!!!!

  6. 32 degres !!! Ce n'est pas juste :))) ici , on rêve d'un rayon de soleil ! Vous avancez vite . J'aime le tissu que vous avez choisi . Vous devriez poncer l'épaisseur du cadre sur le miroir . Je trouve qu'il est trop épais . Cela sera beaucoup plus réaliste . Désolée , c'est mon côté perfectionniste :)))) . N'hésitez pas a vous lancer pour faire vous même votre plancher . Pouvez vous trouver du bois facilement ? Les petites chaises sont très gracieuses .elles sont tout a fait dans le style de la pièce . J'ai hâte de voir la suite .

    Je vous embrasse .

  7. Catherine a raison, nous aimerions avoir du soleil. Trop de pluie!!! Je vous écris bientôt car depuis 11h je suis en vacances. J'aime beaucoup tout ce que vous nous montrer.

  8. Another great post. Thanks for sharing your progress. A couple of suggestions. 1) consider an airbrush sprayer (smaller than paint gun and you can use smaller paint batches and get better control). In the US art supply stores carry them - sorry, not so sure outside the US. 2) I know parquet kits are expensive, but your own can easily be made from stripwood. Any woodworking shop will sell high quality strips pre-cut, or you can make your own. I have even seen really pretty wood floors made from coffee-house stir sticks (buy your own box, of course, don't steal them LOL). There are many parquet patterns on the internet, so that should be easy to find. Of course, it's a lot of work, but the effect is impressive when finished.

    Good luck!

  9. Hello Patrick! This room is coming along Splendidly! I love the printed fabrics which are perfect for the scale of your suite of furniture. Your fireplace is looks wonderful and the positioning of the potted plant close by and the indirect lighting is so pretty in your photo. The day bed in the alcove is wonderful too. I have a fondness for enclosed beds and there is a picture of one of the Thorne Rooms, the French Provincial bedroom, that contains an alcove bed which has always struck with me as being the best kind of bed to snuggle into.
    I totally admire your skills and the details you bring into play within the scene. Your masterful work with light, color and texture is Always a great pleasure to view. :D


  10. Bonjour Patrick,
    en effet, cela doit être agréable de travailler sous les palmiers, ça fait rêver. Votre projet avance bien. Je suis très intéressé par votre carrelage noir et blanc que l'on aperçois derrière la porte, quelles sont les dimensions des dalles? 2 cm de côtés?
    Je vous encourage également à faire votre parquet Versailles si vous avez la possibilité de trouver du bois, c'est fastidieux mais un simple imprimé dénoterait dans l'ensemble de si belle facture.

  11. Hello Patrick
    I love the colors of your room! I think you would need a small sprayer it gives you more control..we have a big one that my husband uses for our buildings I think it's too big for such precise work.


  12. Thanks for all your comments and suggestions.

    - Catherine, vous aviez raison, je refais le trumeau, il etait trop epais.

    - As you suggested, I will buy a small airbrush sprayer not a big one

    - I couldn't wait BUT I will do the parquet by myself in real wood. I will go to a model shop when I get to France in June. I can't find any thin wood or even veneers here in Thailand.

    - Jean Claude, je remesure le carrelage et je vous donne les dimensions ce soir. J'ai utilise la technique du pochoir sur du plexi blanc et en utilisant trois couches de noir a la bombe. Le resultat est parfait.

    Un autre post sur mon blog ce soir. Ca a bien avance......

  13. Bonjour Patrick,
    Comme tout est splendide... Et comme tu travailles vite...
    C'est une bonne idée de faire le parquet toi même, ce n'est pas difficile.Si tu prépares le motif à l'avance sur du papier que tu colles sur le support, il n'y a plus qu'à coller toutes les pièces de bois à leur place sur le papier.
    A bientôt.

  14. Hello Patrick
    It's looking wonderfuö. I really like the light of the sunset through the window, it's so