Saturday, March 8, 2014

Night's projects

Hello everyone,
I have tried to take better pictures of the room including the chandelier (for Elizabeth :))
My camera ( my phone) is not good enough to take close-shots but I tried to take pictures from 3 different angles.

For the chandelier I used Zvaroski crystals but it was a bit difficult to hold the 6 branches together. I'll have to find out a way to weld the branches together.

At night, the room has got a very special atmosphere and I must say I just enjoyed sitting in front of it and looking at it. It's not perfect at all, but I can see my technique is improving and I have found out tricks that help to work accurately. I definitely want to get an air brush, a small one. I'll have to find the right shop in Bangkok.

The golden frame is just the right size. I first wanted something bigger like one of these heavy sculpted golden frame you can fing here but, if you look carefully, everything in the room is simple, lines are straight ot slightly curved. That simple golden moulding looks enough...

I have another project in mind. The chateau de Villandry also has a very tasteful (for me, I mean) dining room, the style is Louis XV provencal (from Provence) I think. I read it somewhere. The colour of the walls is amazing and when you get into that room, there's a very good feeling. I think I may try and recreate it. it will be a big challenge as there are a lot of things that I have never done like sculptures and ornaments.....
This is the original room

On the left side is a fountain, for the summer I guess and on the opposite wall is a kind of ceramic stove, shaped like a pillar.
Isn't it an inviting room. What is that colour? Artists, can you help me?
How to make it? Is that orange?
 This is just a project, but as you probably know, when I see something I really like, I can't help trying to recreate it in my way like a painter does on canvas.

The furniture is simple but grand and I am sure I'll find some beautiful silk here to upholster the chairs. The only problem will be the cost for 6 + 2 Bespaq chairs! Any suggestions? Can be they be home made?

Bye for now. It's late now. My thoughts can't help going to the families of people who were on that flight today which has disappeared between Malaysia and China.

Friday, March 7, 2014

The frame

Two posts in one day! But I can't wait to show you a (bad) picture of the frame, green ( a similar tone to the walls's tone, but a little bit more..."soutenu", I can't find the word in English... and a pale gold layer on the moulding, after one layer of Gesso.
Sorry the picture is a bit blurred. I used spray paint, "machine green" and a "cloud" of flat white.
I'll take pictures of the chandelier tomorrow.
Thanks for today's comments.
By the way, I like the room with a minimum of furniture. What about you?


Thursday, March 6, 2014


 Here are the last improvements in the Moat's bedroom.

First, I made two sconces for each side of the bed, They are both equipped with 12 volts candles and Swarovski crystals. I made a chandelier too for the centre with the same crystals, but no electricity there, it's a bit too tricky for me but I promised myself I'll try later.

I am waiting for new mouldings to do the double doors again. Practice makes perfect, right?

I haven't recieved the fabric from France yet but I hope I'll get it this week and I'll start doing the curtains.

I have added miniature LEDs to the ceiling. It had a contemporay touch which doesn't bother me and the room was really too dark with the sconces only. They can only be seen if you look under the frame
They are supplied with 2 3Volts battery. Very easy to used and the light is warm. A great buy.

The frame is temporary. It will be pale green with a golden frame on the edge.

I hope the whole thing will look like a 3D picture. I need to find door handles now and some other little things.

Next step, the curtains.
Thanks for all your comments. They really cheer me up!
Have a great day