Monday, November 9, 2015

The villa and the "Parfumerie"

I have taken more pictures of the villa for you. First, "la bibliotheque" is done now and it just needs better curtains.. the color of the ones I made doesn't match!

It's a small room but I kept the original measures I had on the old print.

Now I can show you the east side of the building...

And from a different angle....

The Christmas tree has already been installed in the "grand salon" and they will have to decorate it.....

The bathroom is finished, I finally found the towel rail on ebay. I just need to find a better washbasin.

 From another angle ....

I worked on the kitchen too. it looked empty without food. This I can't do!....

The "bouchees a la Reine" (I guess,  it refers to poor Queen Marie Antoinette) were made by Belsminiworld and "les entrees", le "pate de Paques", the "roti' and the cake being prepared were made by Magenta Minis, both  are very talented artist

Les Bouchees a la Reine, le pate de Paques, (the farm hens laid big eggs...!)

Le carre de porc

La preparation du dessert

The 4-pound bread is by Bels miniworld too. Both artists do commissions!


I am now building a shop for a customer in the US. She wanted me to build a French "parfumerie" . Here it is with some pictures...

 The facade is almost done. Now it needs painting.

The building is now over...

The "oeil de boeuf", the roof window and the roof are ready now.

I did the domino floor for the shop and the laboratory.

It could be a nice antique shop too, LOL!

Holy smoke! You can see me in the reflection of the shop window!

And a little gift, there is a video of the Villa on my Facebook page. With music!  And a second one to prepare Christmas here Enjoy it  

I am always so happy to read your comments and do my best to reply to everyone. Any questions about my work are welcome. Have a nice day!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The villa Part 2

After ageing the house with acrylic using a sponge and an airbrush, I started working on the inside

Here is the kitchen, I built everything inside the kitchen, the sinl, the table, the cooker.

The salle a manger. I like the wall paper from Les Chinoiseries in Spaim. The glasses by Winesiam in Bangkok, flowers by Hadtasin, in Bangkok too. Both at JJ Mall.

le salon....

I need some frames, curtains, etc... The bathroom has a nice wallpaper. I never paste the wallpaper on the walls but on 'future board', which allows me to change it in a few seconds if I want to try a new sample or fix some problems with electricity which runs behind.

To come, pictures of the 3 bedrooms and the study...

I hope you enjoyed following the making of the villa. I started this project 4 months ago and I have really enjoyed building it.

If you visit my blog, feel free to leave a short comment, positive or negative of course. It's always good to hear from you who follow different blogs of miniaturist artists. Have a great weekend.
Bye for now
Patrick in Thailand

La villa

La villa is my last project and it's been a great experience since I think I had to improve my skills and solve many issues to make it a reality.
It all started with a picture as usual. Here it is ....

It is a sketch from a French architect for a villa in 1902. There are 4 bedrooms, a dining room, a grand salon, a study and a kitchen. It has a tower and a roof a la Mansard with 4 dormer windows.
I have decided to build the 4 sides of the house. Two sides will open. After drawing my own sketch in 1/12, I cut the different pieces.

The south side has a terrace and a veranda

The east side has got 7 windows and a balcony

The kitchen is on the west facade 

... After a month, working on it after teaching and at weekends when I was free, the building was completed...

Then I built the roof and the frames of the dormer windows. When I start building the roof, I always do a pattern out of "future board",  cheap plastic all the students use in Thailand for their presentations. Thus I can see if the slopes of the roof is ok or not. It avoids cutting Forex and losing it.

Then I built the real roof. Rooves a la Mansard are always difficult for me to do because of their numerous and different angles.  Tiger helped me a lot .... 

When I work on my projects, there is always one cat (I have adopted four stray cats) sitting on the table next to me..)

The roof was done in a few days 

Then I added the last details before painting the model with an airbrush

And then, the villa got its make-up to make it look a little bit older...

and then later...

Friday, February 27, 2015

The stables

Hello  everyone,

Sorry for having been a bit silent for a while but I've been quite busy with university and with the annual show at the Palace of King Narai, a yearly performance the city organizes and we have to be a part of it, every night for 2 weeks!

The stable building is now over. I quite like it!

Under the roof, on the left side, is the groom's bedroom, something simple ...

while the horses in the stable are waiting to exercise....

The buggy is still inside the carriage house..

Now the buggy is ready ... I made the single horse breast collar harness with tiny strips of leather. My first try.... Fifi, one of my cats is never far away! Can you see it?

while other horses are waiting to drink at the fountain on the side of the building.

 and when night falls, everything is quiet....

 In the show, I am one of the ambassadors Louis the XIV sent to the King of Thailand. Wearing a wig and costume like that when it is 34 degrees celsius was not always easy!