Saturday, October 10, 2015

The villa Part 2

After ageing the house with acrylic using a sponge and an airbrush, I started working on the inside

Here is the kitchen, I built everything inside the kitchen, the sinl, the table, the cooker.

The salle a manger. I like the wall paper from Les Chinoiseries in Spaim. The glasses by Winesiam in Bangkok, flowers by Hadtasin, in Bangkok too. Both at JJ Mall.

le salon....

I need some frames, curtains, etc... The bathroom has a nice wallpaper. I never paste the wallpaper on the walls but on 'future board', which allows me to change it in a few seconds if I want to try a new sample or fix some problems with electricity which runs behind.

To come, pictures of the 3 bedrooms and the study...

I hope you enjoyed following the making of the villa. I started this project 4 months ago and I have really enjoyed building it.

If you visit my blog, feel free to leave a short comment, positive or negative of course. It's always good to hear from you who follow different blogs of miniaturist artists. Have a great weekend.
Bye for now
Patrick in Thailand

La villa

La villa is my last project and it's been a great experience since I think I had to improve my skills and solve many issues to make it a reality.
It all started with a picture as usual. Here it is ....

It is a sketch from a French architect for a villa in 1902. There are 4 bedrooms, a dining room, a grand salon, a study and a kitchen. It has a tower and a roof a la Mansard with 4 dormer windows.
I have decided to build the 4 sides of the house. Two sides will open. After drawing my own sketch in 1/12, I cut the different pieces.

The south side has a terrace and a veranda

The east side has got 7 windows and a balcony

The kitchen is on the west facade 

... After a month, working on it after teaching and at weekends when I was free, the building was completed...

Then I built the roof and the frames of the dormer windows. When I start building the roof, I always do a pattern out of "future board",  cheap plastic all the students use in Thailand for their presentations. Thus I can see if the slopes of the roof is ok or not. It avoids cutting Forex and losing it.

Then I built the real roof. Rooves a la Mansard are always difficult for me to do because of their numerous and different angles.  Tiger helped me a lot .... 

When I work on my projects, there is always one cat (I have adopted four stray cats) sitting on the table next to me..)

The roof was done in a few days 

Then I added the last details before painting the model with an airbrush

And then, the villa got its make-up to make it look a little bit older...

and then later...