Saturday, March 26, 2016

My latest creations

Someone reminded me this morning that I hadn't posted anything since last November. True! Time flies!

Well, I haven't been idle...!

First, one of my shops went to England as a kit.

The color of the shopfront was very nice but don't ask me to do it again. The panels under the shopwindow and on the sides imitated marble.
Its new owner makes wonderful hats in 1/12 and she will present a "boutique de modiste". 
I hope she will share some pictures with us when it's done.

As it ws a kit, Luned (her name) had to assemble the different panels together. I made a notice for her with 'step by step' pictures.

Then I built a "Parfumerie" that will travel (soon) to the US, not as a kit but in a crate I'll build too.

Here it is!

There are windows on two sides, something new for me. The result was good, it gives more light inside the shop. Its new owner sent me the different wallpapers she wanted and the lights for each room, so when she gets it, she'll just have to open the door and furnish it.
 I have equipped it with a remote so each light feature can be turned on individually.

The lights, made in England are just amazing!

I couldn't help taking some pictures of the same shop but, this time, as a French Antique shop. 
Have you ever been to Aix en Provence or Anduze? This is what houses look like in the evening when the sun sets!

Do you want to have a closer look to what they have?

 Closer? Then the magic operates..... Why don't we have a look inside? The door's opened....

My latest project: A French house built in the late 1900's in my hometown,  Tours.

It's a solid house, classsic, but discreet. Its owners have money but no showing off. Everything is made to last!

Actually, I found out that house was HUGE when I started cutting the different panels that compose it. The balconies rest on classic brackets which I ordered from Sue Cook in England who does wonderful plaster replica.

You can easily imagine it was the lodging of a lawyer or a doctor. The rooms are big, the ceilings are really high and only nice furniture.

I am afraid I won't furnish this one because of the cost of pieces I have in mind. It wouldn't take mediocre pieces of furniture.
But the wallpapers and the floors will be there. One salon on the left, a dining room on the right. The kitchen was in the basement. Poor staff! In half-dark all day and stairs up and down.

This house is at the corner of a street, there is a long balcony on the western  side of the building.

The front side opens in two parts. The East side is blank, as it it attached  to a twin house.

 There is a real feeling of balance and wealth in that building.


My 1st attempt to weather it was a total... failure. Too dark, it looked like a dilapidated house...

I found out why.... As you may not know, I live in Thailand and I weather my buildings outside under the porch. I use acrylic painting and a sponge or an airbrush. Then... if you are freezing at home, we are not here.
 It's about 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees F) here everyday after 8 AM and it rarely cools down. 

As it was so hot, I had no time to wipe what I had just painted to get the effect I wanted. The pigments were absorbed by the material and then much too dark.

So after weathering the house for a day, it was a disater and  I decided the next day it was not what I wanted and painted it all back to the basic white colour I use as a primer....... 

Needless to say it's a bit frustrating as some parts were really nice but others were really too... dark.

When you age a building, you have to work quickly and also it is difficult to have the same shades for all the different part. No mistake is allowed so you have to know how much water you want on your sponge and how much color.

What does it look like now?

I am back to square 1.

I will use a 'very' diluted colour this time, just to give a shadow on the cornerstones as I know the result now....

The cornice around the roof hasn't arrived yet. 

For the roof, this is just a pattern I always make one as it is not so easy to make a roof "a la Mansard", there are just so many angles! I always do a prototye in plastic , we call it future board' here which is cheap and when it is ok, then I cut the different elements in Forex, then draw each slate with a blade, then paint it.

This is a picture of the original house.. I didn't build the third floor as the building would have been too high and too heavy and on the point of architecture, it didn't bring much.

Someone asked me on FB if I could only sell the front and western side of the house. They would build the box, the partitions and the roof. I think that could work. 
The most difficult are the details on the facade, the metal work and the painting. The box is quite easy to do and I could supply a picture for the roof.

Of course, that would greatly reduce the price for the shipping. I will keep you posted if I do it as it woud be a good idea.

Ok, it's not too hot now, I have to go back to my acrylic now! See you!

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Happy Easter to everyone! I would love to add "and Peace on Earth" but I am afraid we still have a long way to go before Peace is back on earth. My thoughts go to all the families of the victims of terrorists and the people who are in hospitals sstruggling for life. May God help you.

(What happened? I never share my feelings on my blog?......)