Friday, September 9, 2016

Rue du College,the interior.

Do you remember my last project, rue du College?
Well, I have wallpapered and furnished the rooms.

Nothing Luxurious but the atmosphere of a comfortable house in 1900.
Wallpapers are original. I put my printer to work and it worked well. The paper is pasted on "future board", so it's easible removeable. Nothing adheres to the wall.
 View from the outside

At night....

"Voici lle petit salon"...

The parents'bedroom... no curtains yet...

The hallway..

The dining room partially furnished...

"la bibliotheque"

Working on the painting of the house, acrylic and oil.

Then little by little, it becomes to look real

At night ...

The facade opens in 2/3, 1/3

Have a great and relaxing weekend.

Mimine has been a great companion for years. She has now crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is no longer supporting me in my periods of doubts. I am sure she's in peace now. I miss her.

JJ and Fifi are here to fill the emptiness...

 and Tiger doesn't like it when he sees a box.... They are all cats I rescued and they are very attached to me.

I'll never go anywhere without them :)

L'Hotel Mame a Tours

Hello, I've been quite silent lately but I have started working on a new project called l'Hotel Mame. In French, the word Hotel may apply to a private house as long as it is a big, elegant house.                   We even say " Hotels Particuliers" for swanky residences in Paris, Lyon or Bordeaux.

Anyway, l'Hotel Mame was built in 1768 for Gilles Lefevre de Montifray, a rich merchant. So it's an example of an XVIIIth Century construction, with a classic architecture.
I decided to build the backside because it is more elegant than the front side overlooking the garden.

when I was in Tours at Christmas I took some pictures and some measures with the owner's agreement. She was delighted to hear about my hobby.

First, let me tell you that although it is a 1/12 replica, it's BIG, it's HUGE. I couldn't imagined it would be such a big project.  But it's been a pleasure to build as the architecture is so elegant. I am halfway now. The facade i almost done and I am working on the sides now. Next the roof, then the painting and weathering.

The picture below shows the project done with Galad, a software program. 

The house has two floors, a large hallway, two salons downstairs with fireplaces. Very high windows and high ceilings. The windows on the right side of the house have grids. Balconies and railings for every window. I did all the moldings with the router.
The balcony, railings are brass, processed by chemical etching. The window grids are laser cut made by Arjen Spinhoven I met at the SIMP who did an excellent work.

The ground floor:

The right part of the ground floor:

The 6 windows for the roof are ready

I hope you will like my  project. More pictures soon.

I am also working on a new order: A Ladure macaron shop :)