Thursday, October 27, 2016

The exterior of the Hotel Mame

The building of the Hotel Mame is now finished and I can show you the last pictures I took.

The chimneys:

The building has 4 chimneys in total but I only did two as my building only represents half of the contruction. The metal parts are supposed to maintain the structure. I got them from Arjen in Holland. He also cut the beautiful grids that ornate the windows.

The decorations above the windows were made using a mold I got from MasterMolds on Etsy. I think they are used to decorate cakes. I transformed the original shape a liitle bit to fit on the windows.

On each side of the door, there are two lanterns. They are made of cardboard and I added some gold elements to match the style of the XVIIIth century.

I used acrylics and water colours to weather the facade

Finally I mixed sand and wood glue and covered the floor around the house. (when it's dry, sweep the excess sand). I think it matches the building quite well. 

Now it's time for a cup of tea and scones.....

The house at nightfall...

The same on a sunny day....

Another angle....

I have now to think about the interior...

Thanks for all your comments. I try to reply to everyone but sorry if I am a little bit late....

Talk to you soon :)


  1. patrick, this is magnificent! the clear lines of the building itself and the proptions feel right.. and you did a great job with painting and the extra mouldings. speechless though about the lamps being made of cardboard...:-)

    1. Hi Marion, the lamps are made of cardboard + gesso and the gold leaves are tiny elements I found in a shop in Bangkok selling supplies for jewelry. I am happy you like it. Your creations will be inside, on each window;)

  2. A beautiful and elegant house......I so hope you are proud. I enjoyed seeing the house photographed in different lights and I would NEVER have spotted that the exterior lights were made from 'cardboard'!!!! A true masterpiece!!!!!

  3. Superbe maison, j'aime particulièrement les photos de nuit, le sable au sol, la table et les chaises,...Vivement de voir l'intérieur.

  4. Impresionante edificio! Me gusta mucho como has trabajado las ventanas y el suelo con arena queda fabuloso!!!

  5. BRAVO Patrick! Your Hotel Mame, is another MASTERPIECE! I love seeing how you have made all the various elements come together in such Magnificence, and it will be such a pleasure to see you work your same kind of magic inside. :D


  6. J'adore les photos avec la lumière à l'intérieur et la scène avec tout pour le thé. Tout est magnifique.

  7. I love your hotel, the window decorations are to die for!


  8. Simply perfect .... by day or by night. A real miniature world ready to fill with stories and life. Marilyn

  9. The house looks wonderful Patrick. Lovely photos at dusk with the light shining through the windows, it makes me want to peek through the windows! I look forward to seeing the interiors come to life.

  10. Bonjour Patrick,
    Je viens de lire et relire tes 2 derniers posts. Ta maison est absolument FANTASTIQUE. C'est tout ce que j'adore, et parfaitement exécuté. Les couleurs et la patine sont extra. Les fenêtres de toit et les ferrures sont géniales. Je suis sure qu'il serait impossible de croire que c'est une maquette. Tes carreaux pour le sol sont très beaux. Cela me donne envie de regarder sur le net si je trouve des tommettes en terre cuite pour mon petit coin de pièce. Merci également de partager avec nous les sites et fournisseurs que tu utilises.
    A bientôt.

  11. Dear Patrick,
    I just found out about your blog on Alison Davies blog. I am so glad I did. I READ EVERY POST YOU HAVE EVER WRITTEN, AND WATCHED YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEOS. Your work is amazing; you are so Talented! I have subscribed to your blog, and look forward to your future posts. Thank you for sharing your Work!

  12. Hi, I love your work and would like to contact you regarding ordering a house from you. I am unable to locate an email address for corresopondence. Thank you Angie

  13. impressive building! I like very much how you have worked the windows and the floor with sand is fabulous !!!

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