Monday, July 9, 2012

I have just received my order from France today (wooden floors, internal doors) so I will be able to show you more about my project soon.
In the meantime I have made my first chandelier. What do you think? I am planning to make more as I enjoyed doing that one.

And a week ago, I finished another shopwindow for my second project.


  1. Je viens de regarder ton travail, c'est superbe! Je me suis mise à l'aquarelle cette année, je pense qu'on est à une période de notre vie où c'est important de laisser libre cours à sa créativité, tu ne crois pas?
    Si j'ai bien compris, tu travailles à partir d'une "ossature que tu achètes?
    Je continuerai à visiter ton blog!

  2. Quelle jolie façade! Quel genre de boutique as-tu en tête?
    J'aime beaucoup ton travail!

  3. I think you are a genius, Patrick. That chandelier is gorgeous!

  4. Hi Patrick, The facades of your shop look magnificent.
    I wonder....are they fully constructed out of cardboard and wood? And they appear to be covered with a primer first, with the acrylic paint applied afterwards....did you use a normal woodprimer?
    I hope you can tell me....greetings from Liduina.

    1. Hello Liduina,
      No the shop front and the facade of the building are made of forex. It's a kind of plastic or acrylic that comes in different thickness. You can find some details on Google,Basically it's white PVC. I like it because it' light, easy to cut and you use a router to create moldings. You need to paint it with a plastic primer (spray) before you paint it and age it with acrylic painting.
      Have a nice Sunday

    2. Hi Patrick, thanks for telling me. I really had not expected plastic in your house! It appears to be real stone or wood after you painted it.Well done!
      Greetings, Liduina