Monday, April 29, 2013


If you have never seen the art of Mr Ichiyoh Haga, I invite you to watch this video presenting the artist doing one of his creations in situ. It's from Youtube.
Copy the link below and open it in a new window. You will love it.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

From France

Here I am! At home! I mean my parents'home in Tours, France. The weather is quite chilly and i have to get used to a new temperature.
I took some pictures for you: my brother found an old book called "Architecture pour tous" dating from the early XXth.

It says "Maison de campagne", countryside house.....!
If you plan to build a French country house, I'll be delighted to take better pictures and email them to you. Just let me know the size of the house and how many bedrooms, 6...12? LOL
These prints are beautiful. He found the book on a flea market.
This morning, my sister-in-law and I did new flower compositions to sell in my Etsy shop. Here are a few samples:

And to finish, a picture of my cousin's beautiful cat: isn't she lovely?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The milliner's room hasn't changed much, I'll finish it when I come back.I just made a table and stools
 But I added something...
 You see these big boxes, they contain " des articles de mode" items, right? (Sorry I am not really good at making cardbooard boxes, maybe you could write a tutorial for me, dear viewers... LOL!

Feathers that will decorate hats, lovely green, isn't it? .....well they were graciously given by them....
They are native parrots from Thailand, but these two were born in captivity and don't want to fly out of their cage. They'd probably be eaten by some cats or some ...neighbours anyway if they flew away as they are not wild.
These parrots have a friend....

A little frog who has been living with them for months now. I don't know how he (?) she (she) came into the cage, I don't know what she eats or how she drinks. I wonder why the parrots tolerate her...anyway, she moved into the box where they are supposed to hatch and she?he (?) has decided she liked it. Every evening, she comes out and stands on the perch next to the birds. Maybe she thinks she is a bird...? And the funny thing is that they are exactly the same green.
NB: Frogs look nice but some of them here can be poisonous if you touch them. Not this one I guess!

Monday, April 22, 2013

A new challenge

Leaving Thailand tomorrow, I didn't have time to cut the different pieces for the Chinese shop but the sketches are over.
As I don't like to be idle and as my friend Maureen from Hawai needed flower compositions for her flower shop, I went to JJ market, the weekend market in Bangkok and got some lovely flowers from Hadatsin shop (they are so small, though almost perfect for our scale) and I also got some containers and here is the result: tin buckets with different flowers and 9 compositions for her shop, small ones and big ones. i once worked part time at a florist's in France when I was young so doing a 'bouquet' is not too complicated for me though my fingers are too big!
                                          Aren't they beautiful?

  I was told that phalaenopsis were so difficult to make and i can believe it. I asked for white ones next time.

                                         A small composition for the centre of a table
 If you think they are OK, I may do a few more compositions and put them in my Etsy shop when I return.

And finally I found another bronze buddha, it's only 3.5 X 4.5 cm but the details of the carving are so delicate. I couldn't resist and I bought it. I really love it. It doesn't have a stand but I'll make one today.
The Buddha is between two Naja snakes which protect him

I found this one too for my Etsy shop. It's quite rare, I had never seen it before

My suitcase is ready. I'll be in Bangkok tomorrow and on Friday I'll be in Paris!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The system

Here is a better picture of the system. I still need a piece to attach the lamp to the ceiling. The centre is an oval bead.
The pulleys are " boutons-pressions". No idea what it's called in English! Sorry! LOL.
If I find a nicer lamp shade (abat-jour in French) I'll change this one made with a part of a  plastic bottle of milk. It had the right ...texture! LOL
There was something I wanted to do:   a lamp that could go up and down.
Everyone in France born before the 60's probably remember them in their parents'kitchen.

Thanks to the explanation of Lea Frisoni in her wonderful book named " Le grand livre de la maison miniature" , I have done one and it is already installed above the table. In this book, you will find all that you need to know to build your own French house from A to Z. And the pictures are superb!
A must even if you can't read French. Below a few pictures of my lamp. I didn't use too much light as I wanted to keep that dark atmosphere in the shop.

Have a great day / evening wherever you are and thanks to all your great comments. I love reading from you. It is so encouraging!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I am working slowly on the milliner's room. I need some supplies to finish it So in the meantime, I have spent some hours doing chandeliers that I have added to my Etsy shop, Seribatu. Here are a few pictures.
On the 26th of April, I will go to France to visit my family and will be back on the 25th of May for a new semester at the university. I like living in Thailand but I am so happy to go home and see my relatives and friends.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


This afternoon, I went to Chinatown again to take measures for the Chinese shop house.

It was a good idea to go today! This is the original painting of the shop doors, a bit difficult to describe... But the owner of the plot of land where all these shops are located has decided to repaint everything, walls, windows and doors and, though it's not my business, I must say the colors he has chosen are far from the original ones. I let you judge by yourself. 
Too bad the nice patina these doors had got will be gone tomorrow....

Below is the new color....

 This is what most of them look like inside

To finish, two wooden houses in the same neighborhood. They are both in a dilapidated condition but hopefully may be restored in a near future.

Near the Grand Palace, rows of shop houses have already been restored and are now coffee shops or small restaurants. What is the best option? To keep these dwellings in their original state or to renovate them? Actually I can't say.

Now, if you have problems with your partner, or your neighbor or your boss, let me know and I will find some magic roots at the Amulet market and send them to you....! The  woman assured that it could bring my love back, lol!