Sunday, April 7, 2013


This afternoon, I went to Chinatown again to take measures for the Chinese shop house.

It was a good idea to go today! This is the original painting of the shop doors, a bit difficult to describe... But the owner of the plot of land where all these shops are located has decided to repaint everything, walls, windows and doors and, though it's not my business, I must say the colors he has chosen are far from the original ones. I let you judge by yourself. 
Too bad the nice patina these doors had got will be gone tomorrow....

Below is the new color....

 This is what most of them look like inside

To finish, two wooden houses in the same neighborhood. They are both in a dilapidated condition but hopefully may be restored in a near future.

Near the Grand Palace, rows of shop houses have already been restored and are now coffee shops or small restaurants. What is the best option? To keep these dwellings in their original state or to renovate them? Actually I can't say.

Now, if you have problems with your partner, or your neighbor or your boss, let me know and I will find some magic roots at the Amulet market and send them to you....! The  woman assured that it could bring my love back, lol!


  1. Hello Patrick! It is good that you got to the door in time to record the way they look originally at least you will always have in for your records. You can't stop "Progress" and the owner is only trying to maintain his investment which is really a good thing! Just not so good for those who appreciate the natural patina of age and see the beauty in the time worn.
    The wooden buildings looked familiar to me when I saw them and reminded me of the houses on the streets of a movie made from the book called "The Lover" by Marguerite Duras. Perhaps they filmed it there or maybe this type of architecture is common in southern asia?
    I would Never trust in love potions to bring love back, they are the 'ROOT' of only MORE and BIGGER problems in the future! hahah


  2. Wow Patrick!

    Your neighbourhood is very very beautiful. I absolutely love old colonial buildings in tropical climates. Great pictures.