Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The end is coming...! but the next project is coming soon...

Today I wall papered the interior of the facade that opens and painted the interiors of the shop windows.

I used the same colour at the front shops: two different dark greens. I didn't want to add a new colour.
Then I finished hiding the wires on the sides of the building and hid the screw heads.

Not much to do on the buildings now but I know I'll add some details later.
I need to get furniture for the room above the laundry shop. I'll probably order them later from UOL a company in Hong Kong. Most furniture are a bit... too much, but I have managed to find some nice pieces on their website.
I will post new pictures when I add new things but that's all for the building itself.
I want to thank all the people who visited my blog. I can't believe that 5500 people have viewed it,
Thanks to the regular followers who sent me messages and gave me advice too
and thanks to Mimine who has always been by my side to support me (without complaining even if her dinner was late!)
Now last picture. Who am I? Hehe!

That's me!
Bye for now

Hello, the next project: a couple of Chinese shophouses I saw in Bangkok. That should be interesting too!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Filling in the shop

Today I received a few things I had ordered, irons from phoenixmodeldevelopments and a sewing machine. They are just little details that will add realism to the scene which is my goal.
Here are the pictures, more linen to come on the shelves but it's so small I burn my fingers every time I iron mini bed sheet! More details to come as well...

If you look carefully, you'll see some amber in the wood stove, hehe

The room upstairs is waiting for curtains but it's almost finished.

A glimpse of both shops with electricity...

Some more pictures, just for your and my pleasure...

In that picture I have removed the big white sheet that was drying on the line on the other pictures. It looks much better now. I will just hang some "torchons" in French, what you use to dry the dishes. They'll be much smaller. I added a coal bucket I made with the tip of a pen,
Behind the glass partition, there are now some bed sheet drying. A new idea, LOL Do you like it?
Thanks for your great comments. It really makes me happy!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I haven't had much time this week, but yesterday, I managed to find half an hour to paint an ad on that big empty wall.I used watercolor pens again.
I also added a small sign on the 2nd facade.

I glued the floor in the shop. I like it, it looks really good
My grandmother had the same in her kitchen!

That's all for today.
Have a great day,

PS. AM, Would you like one of them? They just need a few real feathers on the tail and head.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

An idea of the laundry shop

Here is a picture (4 pictures actually) of what the shop will look like.

Tonight I built 2 shelves which are not finished yet and a table.That wasn't too difficult. Tomorrow I will try to finish the shelves and paint them, probably grey .... Southampton (Hi AM!) Joking, I don't even know what grey Southampton looks like.
For the lamp shade, I was about to throw away the milk bottle this morning when I noticed the structure was quite translucent, so I cut and used it to make a shade. This is just a prototype but the matter is perfect. Though it is very hard to cut a circle with scissors or a cutter. But it really looks like "opaline"in French. Sorry I don't know the English word and it's too late to check...LOL
I now have to collect samples of white fabric to make piles of bed sheet to store on the shelves. Some old laces would be great too to figure curtains but I'm in Thailand, and we don't have flea markets as in France.
I'll have to wait for May and my annual visit to my family to go Emmaus and get some. A few months to wait...
For the rest of the shop, I plan it quite simple: some parcels ready to be delivered, baskets with laundry inside, a bucket for the coal.... Any ideas?
AM, I like your angels very much but agree with the other comments, the rest of the panels needs to be more
Have a great day.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ageing the side walls

Today I finished the side walls using the same technique I used before: a layer of paint on the white wall, the color of sand (pale yellow?) then, I added light layers of water with darker pigments and used a sponge to soften the effect. I don't know if it's very clear for you but I have never learnt to paint, so it's all about...intuition! LOL

 Then I used Monique's  tutorial to make signs on metal and I did the  French street sign and the ad for the hatmaker (la modiste, in French) for the 1st floor. Her tutorial is just fantastic! I wish I could explain the way I do as clearly as Monique. What a great teacher!
Visit her blog Fabulously Small. Here is the link for her tutorial  she published on Janaury 10th, Imaged metal signs.    

. And finally the letters above the door. BLANCHISSERIE means laundry shop.
When I was a kid, I used to visit my aunt's laundry that was located rue du Petit Soleil in the old part of Tours. What a funny name! I found out  later the  Little Sun was a  famous cat house located a few meters away from my aunt's shop! Since then the brothel and the laundry have long been gone. But the street still has the same name.

Then I worked on the coal stove inside the laundry shop. One sheet is already hanging!
The tailor' shop has now its final look with some "canotiers" (the hats) hanging outside for customers to wear in the sun. I need to add something like a tiny price tag, right?

That's all for today. tomorrow's plan: how to do this in 1/12 for the
 laundry shop, I have no idea yet.
Have a nice day, everyone!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

As today is Sunday, I have time to work on my projects. I can make the list of all the details I need to finish on my two houses.

I am still not sure about the second shop. Any ideas?

What about if I hung some hats on the shop front ? I saw an old picture of a shop where they displayed the hats outside on each side of the shop.

The Mansard roof is almost finished, so is the chimney. I may make the chimney a little bit darker.
I added a water pipe on the right shop side. I think it brings a lot of realism. I used  plastic straws  ( I only used 3 and have another 47 in the bags!) Don't forget to spay plastic primer as paint won't work without it!
I will add the same pipe on the other side and will think about the gutter on the roofs.
Have a good day!
Today I got my 3900th visit on my blog! Amazing!
Now I have to to something with the sidewalls. First, filler to hide the structure of the plywood.