Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Looking old in a few minutes!

1- Build a chimney and draw the bricks with a sharp tool...
2- With sandpaper, sand secerely all the angles so that it doesn't look new anymore. Then  paint it with a red tone so that it looks like a new chimney...
3. Now apply thin layers of darker colors such as brown and black. Use a sponge to spread the color on some areas only. The darker the chimney gets, the better it looks. Add some yellow and some green to the basic dark colour. When there's too much color, jut wash it away with water.(I use acrylics)
After a few minutes, the chimney starts looking like the one on the picture on my laptop.(see picture 2 in the background, the sample picture)No the painting is fresh so it shines but when it's dry, it'll look mat. Tomorrow, I'll check it and add some color or sand some areas.
Now put the chimney on the roof and glue it in its place.
Now ageing the roof was not that easy as no error was allowed since the roof is covered with...paper and it won't appreciate getting wet. So I used a watercolor crayon and very little water. I mainly underlined the structure and washed the colour away, I added a little green next to the gutter.
Then I painted the parts around the window so that it may look like rusted metal.

With a different light, this is the result:
Maybe you'll think the patina isn't enough but I have checked a few pictures of zinc roofs and there aren't many signs to show zinc is  getting old.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A zinc roof

Hello and welcome back.
So after building the Mansard roof with plywood, I had to think how to make it look like zinc. After making a research on Google pictures, I decided to glue thin strips of balsa at regular intervals.
After hiding the screws, I painted a sheet of drawing paper in grey, and cut 3 strips of paper.
Then I slowly glued them with latex glue, making sure not to tear them with my nail when I covered the strip of wood.  That was pretty long to do but I was quite happy with the result.

Finally I clued the cornice, aged it and added strips of paper around the window.
and here is the result:

Now I have to age the chimney, and aged the roof a little bit as rusted zinc really looks that color. Though I'd like it to look a little older but I am scared as this is just paper and it won't accept any errors. Wish me luck for tomorrow!
[In Thailand, there are many stray cats and they have a very difficult life. Here is one who visits us (my cat and I) every time I work outside. He is wild and I can't get near him but he loves to watch me work. Of course he knows that when he comes home, he will get free lunch. Here is his picture:

Last one, Mimine, my companion, hiding from the sun:

Friday, January 18, 2013

For the window, I used the same technique :i.e. I draw the pattern on the acrylic and remove the parts I want to be seen on the window then I  spray paint. When it's dry I remove the paper from the acrylic, it looks quite realistic and it allows to add very small details. I didn't like cutting very small pieces of wood to make the separations on windows.
Then I painted a first layer of grey on the roof and tried the window. It looks OK.

After looking for pictures on Google I cut the different pieces of plywood for the roof and assembled them together. As the front part of the roof is quite big I am planning to add a window that we call in French a "sitting dog" or " chien assis". Don't ask me why! I have no idea.
It's a small window as usually top floors were servants'quarters. Now students rent them.
I will use the stencil technique again for the window. There will a triangular shape on top.
I have no idea how to imitate zinc for the roof. A first layer of black, then a blue grey?.
I'll had the chimney which is ready.
And I forgot, I put the hinges on the facade so it opens now. Why is it always so difficult? LOL
Lucille told me today it's minus 28 in Ottawa. Well, here, 120 km north of Bangkok, it was plus 32 today....

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yesterday was the day to "age" the stone facade (I can't think of another word). We say "patine" in French.
It's always a risky job as I a not much of an artist, so I have to go very carefully. Too much color and the effect is ruined. Anyway, I'll show you a few pictures.

Then I did the same with the front window and the window on the side of the building and temporarily put everything together.

I finished putting the different parts of the chimney together and will paint it tonight.

I can't find thin wood here near where I live in Thailand but I found some strip of wood that you glue on the side of furniture. I cut them  and glued them with an iron for the 1st floor. Too bad they only had dark wood but I can always change it later as floors can move in and out in the building. Next, I need to make a lamp for the ceiling of the shop and start the roof and the window in the roof.

Have a nice day everyone!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Today, I painted the interior walls, the ceiling, routed a path for all the wires and put everything together. As this is my 2nd project, I avoided a few errors that I did for the 1st project. Things are getting much faster for the 2nd one.

I didn't like the light of the LED, it was too white,  so I painted it and too bright, so I added a dimer at the back of the house. This one has got a remote so it's very flexible.

Then I added the facade to get a better impression of the building, I then glued the floor that looks like French cement tiles (carreaux de ciment in French).I used Photoshop to make a whole page with only a few tiles then printed it.

Finally I thought about the Mansard roof, It will look like something like this, so that the two buildings look a bit different.
And I added a window in the 1st floor room on the left side.
Busy day....

Friday, January 11, 2013

I wanted to have a glass partition in the shop to give it some depth and to break the "box" feeling. I used acrylic, drew panes and a door and made a kind of stencil.

Then I removed the brown paper at the back and placed a sticker that 'blurred' the glass so that the light can go through but you can't see what's behind. The idea is that, as it is a laundry, they're washing or ironing in the other room and steam covers the glass.
Does it seem realistic? I don't know....
Then I add a small wall and I need to finish the door and add a door handle.
I will use a strip of LEDs to light the room at the back.
Enough for today... but quite happy with the result.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Last week I finished painting the facade of the shop so this week I started building the box that will become the building itself, one room upstairs and an attic with a Mansard roof.
I am not very good at drawing blue prints so I usually start with a simple volume with 3 sides and add the windows on the side later and I haven't thought about how to do the roof yet!
Plywood is easing to get here in Thailand but they won't cut for you so I drove home with a huge panel at the back of may car and realized it would be difficult to cut it with my jigsaw so I built a table saw that works pretty well but I have to be very careful with my fingers!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

I have always liked parrots so I needed one for my project. I found yesterday some parrots at the right scale at  JJ Mall in Bangkok. With a cutter, some glue, a stand for earrings I've added a cockatoo in the living room upstairs
I haven't much worked on my 2nd project as I am still wondering what kind of shop to do downstairs. I need to choose a shop in which I can do most items by myself as there isn't any miniature shops in Bangkok. Only a few stalls at JJ market sell miniature fruits, cakes, flowers and Thai food.
But I will decide this week.... and start working.