Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Today, I painted the interior walls, the ceiling, routed a path for all the wires and put everything together. As this is my 2nd project, I avoided a few errors that I did for the 1st project. Things are getting much faster for the 2nd one.

I didn't like the light of the LED, it was too white,  so I painted it and too bright, so I added a dimer at the back of the house. This one has got a remote so it's very flexible.

Then I added the facade to get a better impression of the building, I then glued the floor that looks like French cement tiles (carreaux de ciment in French).I used Photoshop to make a whole page with only a few tiles then printed it.

Finally I thought about the Mansard roof, It will look like something like this, so that the two buildings look a bit different.
And I added a window in the 1st floor room on the left side.
Busy day....


  1. Excellent progress...I like the two different roof styles next to one another. Creates a lot of interest.

  2. Hello, Brae,
    Thanks a lot for your comments on my 2nd project. It's very stimulating .Yes, though the buildings are quite similar I wanted a different roof but I can't find the right angles for both parts. I tried to google Mansard roof but I'm still uncertain about the angles.
    Any ideas or any picture? Have a great day. I read your blog everyday and can't wait for the next one, LOL!

  3. Fantastic work! The facades are interesting!

  4. Thanks Lucille. I will try ageing the facade of the 2nd shop today when I get back home. It's always difficult for me to age buildings, I don't really know to do it and always think it's too much. And then I'll work on the roof
    Have a great day