Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yesterday was the day to "age" the stone facade (I can't think of another word). We say "patine" in French.
It's always a risky job as I a not much of an artist, so I have to go very carefully. Too much color and the effect is ruined. Anyway, I'll show you a few pictures.

Then I did the same with the front window and the window on the side of the building and temporarily put everything together.

I finished putting the different parts of the chimney together and will paint it tonight.

I can't find thin wood here near where I live in Thailand but I found some strip of wood that you glue on the side of furniture. I cut them  and glued them with an iron for the 1st floor. Too bad they only had dark wood but I can always change it later as floors can move in and out in the building. Next, I need to make a lamp for the ceiling of the shop and start the roof and the window in the roof.

Have a nice day everyone!


  1. We have the word "patina" in US English, but it mostly relates to when copper turns greenish blue. Your shop facade came out so well! They look great displayed on that table.

  2. Hello Patrick, in Dutch it's also called patine and the patine you did looks amazing. You asked how i did the roof well i used black Winsor and Newton watercolor paint. Did you make the Oeil-de-boeuf window yourself?
    gr. AM

  3. Well as ussual i was reading with one eye closed because i found your post about the Oeil-de-boeuf window. Can you carve forex with woodcarving tools? gr. AM

  4. Hello AM, Yes, I did the oeil de boeuf myself. I didn't use forex but just polistirene which is very easy to carve (from an old polistirene box). Then I used an old trick I learnt before, I just "painted" it with latex glue, the one I use to glue wood. Then, when it's dry, you can paint it very easily and it's much stronger. It looks like stone at the end.
    Forex can be cut and routed but not carved.
    About the roof, I'd like to make a zinc roof so I have to find the right color for zinc, a kind of greyish blue.
    Did you see my table saw, LOL? Homemade. Yours will definitely be much, much more convenient.
    Have a great day.
    Did you get snow in Holland? Here it's hot, very hot. About 32 degrees everyday.

  5. Patrick, it's horribly cold in Ottawa right now. It's -24 Celcius. We haven't had snow for over a week, but we might get some on the weekend. We still have snow left, though, but it's not a beautiful, white wonderland like it was around Christmas time and it lasted quite a while. I had to go out today and I must say, I did suffer. Cold was biting my poor face! Nevertheless, I love winter!

  6. Hi Patrick, I think your work is wonderfull, the way you decorated the stone plastered subtle. Beautifull! Looking at your pictures, I feel like I enter a dream-like world, a really esthetic one. Thank you.