Friday, January 18, 2013

After looking for pictures on Google I cut the different pieces of plywood for the roof and assembled them together. As the front part of the roof is quite big I am planning to add a window that we call in French a "sitting dog" or " chien assis". Don't ask me why! I have no idea.
It's a small window as usually top floors were servants'quarters. Now students rent them.
I will use the stencil technique again for the window. There will a triangular shape on top.
I have no idea how to imitate zinc for the roof. A first layer of black, then a blue grey?.
I'll had the chimney which is ready.
And I forgot, I put the hinges on the facade so it opens now. Why is it always so difficult? LOL
Lucille told me today it's minus 28 in Ottawa. Well, here, 120 km north of Bangkok, it was plus 32 today....


  1. Hello Patrick, great work, as always! THNX for the explanation on the how to build a Oeil-de-boeuf window i am going to give it a try. Snow? ... well YES and it's freezing cold -10. We don't have central heating in the cottage so it's a challenge to make sure the service pipes don't freeze and crack. The woodburner has been roaring like a lion these past few days and i must say chopping wood keeps a person warm. The forecasts are predicting more snow this weekend. So a perfect weekend to do some miniature making in front of the fireplace.
    You should check out this faux zinc look tutorial
    I was planning to use this tutorial to paint over the gold hallway lamps. Have a great day! gr. AM

  2. Hello AM,
    -10!!! Here in the daytime it's about 32 and 28 at night. Hope the pipes won't crack in your house. I used to live in France on a farm and I remember when the pipes froze and cracked. We had two horses then and I had to carry buckets of warm water every morning before going to work, happy memories!
    I have painted the 1st layer of grey but I will try to follow the tutorial. Thanks a lot!
    Have a busy weekend. No miniatures for me I have to attend a seminar in Bangkok on Saturday and Sunday.

    1. I think I have to go back-and-forth between cold climates and tropical because I can never decide which I prefer which is odd. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog, Patrick! And my craft store is not 140km away, may only around 30, but I still make a big fuss because it was raining and freezing cold :)

  3. Patrick, I love your windows! You make everything seem so easy but I know that it can't be!