Friday, February 27, 2015

The stables

Hello  everyone,

Sorry for having been a bit silent for a while but I've been quite busy with university and with the annual show at the Palace of King Narai, a yearly performance the city organizes and we have to be a part of it, every night for 2 weeks!

The stable building is now over. I quite like it!

Under the roof, on the left side, is the groom's bedroom, something simple ...

while the horses in the stable are waiting to exercise....

The buggy is still inside the carriage house..

Now the buggy is ready ... I made the single horse breast collar harness with tiny strips of leather. My first try.... Fifi, one of my cats is never far away! Can you see it?

while other horses are waiting to drink at the fountain on the side of the building.

 and when night falls, everything is quiet....

 In the show, I am one of the ambassadors Louis the XIV sent to the King of Thailand. Wearing a wig and costume like that when it is 34 degrees celsius was not always easy!