Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Chinese shophouse project

As I was staying with my brother, we worked on the Chinese shop together.
Do you remember the project?
Back to the worktable....
First the folding doors of the shop

A nylon string will allow the door parts to fold.
Now the two small windows above

There was some decoration above the door...

 Back to the computer this time...

Now the elements are glued on the front...

The door is installed....

and the top windows as well to get a view of the project

As you will see on the original, the shop will be a little wider as in reality, they are very narrow but it didn't look good in 1/12. It was too high and too narrow so the gap between the corner stones and the wooden door is much bigger.

The next step will be the roofs above the windows and the main door. I will try to be very close to the design  of the real awning.

My holidays in France are over and I am back to Thailand.
It is always a great pleasure to come home and see my family and friends. The weather wasn't too good, mostly cold and rainy but it wasn't really important. I just enjoyed every minute there.
I am now back home and Mimine, my Thai cat was waiting for me. My neighbour takes care of her when I am away.
I have now finished ageing the shop window and the wall above.For those who asked, I used the same technique as previously, first a grey primer, then the colour I have chosen with an aerograph (pale grey this time) Then I use a small brush and a flat brush. I need a little painting and a lot of water.I use both brushes alternatively as it dries very quickly.

I add previously cut the stripes of marble and pasted them in place and I aged the whole combination together. 
It worked pretty well and the shop now looks old enough.
I used the same technique for the wall above the shop.
As this is the same design as the 1st shop, I have added little metal pieces on each corner of the windows and separate the large window in two halves.
Now the shop is almost done. I will put the two parts together with screws as the plan is to make kits in the future.

Now the 2nd part is going to start, building the box that will accomodate the shop, the room above and the attic.The window rail is done by chemical etching

Saturday, May 18, 2013

New facade

One more week in France and then I will fly back to Thailand. It's been very nice to spend time with my family and friends though the weather has been quite....average: sunny days, rainy days, cold days. It seems the weather is unpredictable this year in France.
I haven't completely stopped working on miniature projects.
First, the facade of the shop house is now almost done. I used the same plans as my 1st project with a few modifications.

I painted the facade grey and then decided to add some faux marbre on each side of the shop windows

I painted it on my paper first, 

then cut the different parts and glued them on the facade. 

Now I need to paint smaller veins on the marble to make it more realistic.

The 3rd step will be to age the painting on the facade.

I have had time to do more flower compositions. Here is one I have just finished and I will add it to my Etsy shop Seribatu

It looks big but it's only 4cm.high. It would look nice in a classic interior room, wouldn't it?


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Some genuine pictures for your French boutiques

Bonjour de France!

This is my 2nd week in France and the weather has improved a lot and we can have all our meals outside in the garden. The big difference with Thailand is that here, night falls after 8:30, while in Thailand it's dark almost all year long after 6:30. I can enjoy long evenings in the garden.
I want to share with you some original black and white photographs showing little "commerce" (shops) with their owners in the early 1900's.
This is in a small town, so the shops are modest but interesting for us, miniaturists, to get details.
Here we go:

Interesting, isn't it?

If you ever plan to build a French old shop, I am sure these old photographs taken by an amateur in his village in the early 1900's will help you.
7:00 PM: time for aperitif with olives and toasts with "rilletes" and "paté" LOL!
Talk to you soon;
Next time, I will tell you about my 1st order for a 1/12  French shophouse! So cool!
and..... I have 99 followers now. When I get 100, I'll have a giveaway for the lucky one.