Saturday, May 18, 2013

New facade

One more week in France and then I will fly back to Thailand. It's been very nice to spend time with my family and friends though the weather has been quite....average: sunny days, rainy days, cold days. It seems the weather is unpredictable this year in France.
I haven't completely stopped working on miniature projects.
First, the facade of the shop house is now almost done. I used the same plans as my 1st project with a few modifications.

I painted the facade grey and then decided to add some faux marbre on each side of the shop windows

I painted it on my paper first, 

then cut the different parts and glued them on the facade. 

Now I need to paint smaller veins on the marble to make it more realistic.

The 3rd step will be to age the painting on the facade.

I have had time to do more flower compositions. Here is one I have just finished and I will add it to my Etsy shop Seribatu

It looks big but it's only 4cm.high. It would look nice in a classic interior room, wouldn't it?



  1. I really like the marble inserts on the facade!

    I hope that you will show in a coming post, the technique to age the painting. I'm not good at it, but I should learn how to do it, as this step makes the miniatures look definitely realistic.

    Will the facade fly with you back to Thailand?

  2. Hi Patrick! Your facade is really wonderful and you have done a fine job of the marble! I think that the way you have painted the paper and them cut the sections to fit the space is better than painting directly in the space itself. You have achieved more control and continuity by doing it the way that you have. It looks so good! The trip homeward will be a long one for you again. Time goes by way to fast these days doesn't it? A safe journey to you.


  3. HI Patrick,

    I love your shop. I am planning on making a patisserie soon, and will be looking to your blog for inspiration. Your panelling is excellent. I always enjoy your posts.


  4. Your shop already looks fantastic and your floral arrangement is perfectly stunning!

  5. Bonjour Patrick
    Magnifique devanture de boutique, les bandes de marbre donne un côté très chic. J'en ai commencé moi aussi une autre, je vous montrerais les ébauches plus tard. J'ai fini ma blanchisserie et il faut que je monte les photos sur mon blog. J'attends la suite avec impatience.

  6. those inserts look great, your shop facade is coming along quite well!

    Marisa :)

  7. Cette devanture de boutique est très réussie. Bravo pour la peinture imitation marbre, elle est vraiment très réaliste. Et j'aime beaucoup aussi la composition florale.

  8. I love the way your entrance is coming Patrick, very nice work! Looking forward to the progress. But first enjoy some more time with your family and friends, that's too important and you'll have to miss them when you go home to Thailand. In person that is, of course you do have all modern ecquipment to stay in touch, but doesn't compare with the 'real thing'! Enjoy your stay and have a save trip home.