Thursday, May 30, 2013

My holidays in France are over and I am back to Thailand.
It is always a great pleasure to come home and see my family and friends. The weather wasn't too good, mostly cold and rainy but it wasn't really important. I just enjoyed every minute there.
I am now back home and Mimine, my Thai cat was waiting for me. My neighbour takes care of her when I am away.
I have now finished ageing the shop window and the wall above.For those who asked, I used the same technique as previously, first a grey primer, then the colour I have chosen with an aerograph (pale grey this time) Then I use a small brush and a flat brush. I need a little painting and a lot of water.I use both brushes alternatively as it dries very quickly.

I add previously cut the stripes of marble and pasted them in place and I aged the whole combination together. 
It worked pretty well and the shop now looks old enough.
I used the same technique for the wall above the shop.
As this is the same design as the 1st shop, I have added little metal pieces on each corner of the windows and separate the large window in two halves.
Now the shop is almost done. I will put the two parts together with screws as the plan is to make kits in the future.

Now the 2nd part is going to start, building the box that will accomodate the shop, the room above and the attic.The window rail is done by chemical etching


  1. très beau les décors sous les vitres en métal .Un aspect art-déco avec le marbre très réussi.

  2. J'aime beaucoup les décors sur les vitres cela donne un plus pour la boutique. Belle pâtine.

  3. Belle réussite! J'admire la végétation que l'on voit derrière la boutique.

  4. it's a work of art..wonderful job

    Marisa :)

  5. Hi Patrick,

    Your shop is comming along nicely, great job. I will be imitating it in a future project I think!

  6. J aime beaucoup la couleur de votre patine . Le rendu est très réussi .
    Je trouve magnifique le détail de l architecture que vous avez fait dans votre dernier post .
    Les courbes sont très bien dessinées et j admire la qualité de la réalisation . C est un très beau projet . Bonne continuation .

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  8. Merci de tous vos compliments qui me touchent beaucoup.
    Je vais peut etre transformer la fenetre du premier etage en balcon. A suivre......
    Catherine, avez-vous vendu toutes vos toiles?
    A tres bientot.

  9. Hi Patrick, I love your shop houses! and am loving reading back through all you posts! know this post is ages old but I am wondering how the 'stepped' back front door fits against the room box behind? It is such a lovely look and I am having trouble working out how to do it for my toy shop. Anna