Friday, February 27, 2015

The stables

Hello  everyone,

Sorry for having been a bit silent for a while but I've been quite busy with university and with the annual show at the Palace of King Narai, a yearly performance the city organizes and we have to be a part of it, every night for 2 weeks!

The stable building is now over. I quite like it!

Under the roof, on the left side, is the groom's bedroom, something simple ...

while the horses in the stable are waiting to exercise....

The buggy is still inside the carriage house..

Now the buggy is ready ... I made the single horse breast collar harness with tiny strips of leather. My first try.... Fifi, one of my cats is never far away! Can you see it?

while other horses are waiting to drink at the fountain on the side of the building.

 and when night falls, everything is quiet....

 In the show, I am one of the ambassadors Louis the XIV sent to the King of Thailand. Wearing a wig and costume like that when it is 34 degrees celsius was not always easy!


  1. The stable is fantastic, I love all of the details you've included. Is the horse head above the doors cut from a model? If not, high-five for the amazing sculpture. 34 degrees? Phew, you do look very toasty under that wig ;0P

  2. Wonderful stable building, I like groom´s bedroom as well. Everything is so well done and realistic, nice job!

  3. Bonjour Patrick,
    Ce project est un chef d'oeuvre! J'adore tout, tout, tout! La finition est de toute beauté et impeccable. Vous Montez la barre très, très haute mon ami. Bravo!
    A bientôt,

  4. Je suis admirative, c' est tellement beau!!!

  5. You do some remarkable work. I particularly love the stable. It is amazing.

  6. J'ai prévu de fabriquer un carrosse et je trouve vos chevaux très beaux. Puis je vous demander où vous les avez achetés?
    Je vous remercie.

  7. Fantastic work as always, Patrick! My greeting to Fifi too!

  8. Oh my...I can just breathe in the night! This project is very majestic and realistic! Thanks for sharing My Lord Louis! :-)

  9. Hello Patrick! I am In Awe of your entire project! Every detail is Perfection and the grooms bedroom is so serene in its simplicity and the horses are truly Magnificent!!!
    I love the trappings and the gear for the horses and the carriage is beyond words. The entire structure looks like it is Real and in Use. Not stagnant and just for show.
    You just get better and better with everything that you do.
    You don't look very comfortable under that heavy wig Patrick, however it looks like you have a good support system in place! :))
    Congratulations on the completion of yet another INCREDIBLE PROPERTY!


  10. words cannot say what I want to say,its beautiful, fantastic,incredible, realistic and I love it, you are so clever and a real miniaturist,a real inspiration to us amateurs

  11. Oh, my! Imagine the time when wearing that wig would have been part of daily life. :O

    The stable is wonderful!! :D

  12. Bonsoir Patrick,
    J'adore ta splendide étable. C'est vraiment un chef d'oeuvre. Tout est parfait et de très bon goût.

  13. Great work on this Patrick! I was just looking at your older pictures two days ago and wondering how it was coming along. I love the night time photo! So realistic and atmospheric.

    Great pic of you all dressed up! What a fantastic costume. Have fun with the celebrations.

  14. This is bloody fantastic!! Well done, you have set a standard for me to aspire to!

  15. Tu establo es una verdadera obra de arte,cada detalle,cada terminación es tan impecable que cuesta creer que es miniatura,siempre parece algo real!!!
    Menos mal que Fifi nos da la escala jajaja!!!
    Desde luego estar bajo esa peluca con calor,no ha tenido que resultar muy agradable!!!

  16. Hi Patrick,

    Your "Stable" is among the most beautiful miniatures that I have seen. What most strikes me about it is the "simple elegance" you have created. Definitely rich, definitely eye catching, definitely unique, and yet the simplicity of your design choices and the way you have so thoughtfully arranged everything within the overall picture is just simply magnificent. You have created a real magnum opus. This is a truly memorable piece.

    Thank You for sharing your work!


  17. Fantastique ! Ce sont vraiment de très belles étables. La mise en scène et les détails sont remarquables. Une question qui m'intéresse particulièrement [ je suis en train de fabriquer des selles] : est - ce que ta selle est en cuir ?? Fait maison ??
    Bonne journée

  18. C'est vraiment magnifique.
    Avec ton costume tu dois te dire que tu es heureux de vivre à notre époque.

  19. bravo
    pour la perruque !!!

    j 'adore la facade . as tu fini toutes les autres pièces ?
    j 'ai hate de voir plus de photos . je suis curieuse .

  20. très élégante bâtisse comme votre majesté !

  21. Très belle bâtisse, tout est réalisé avec beaucoup de soin et de détails. Bravo.

  22. This is a beautiful and detailed model, congratulations!

  23. Hello, I love the stable, the dressage saddle is very well done. I noticed that the two other horses in the barn picture do not include the one with the dressage saddle, as the tail is different. The look more like Arab horses. Being a collector of horses, I was wondering about the one behind the Dressage horse, he appears to be the third horse in the inside shot. That leaves the chestnut in the middle, I hope we get to see him in the future! Will be keeping an eye out for him! Really nice work on the harnes for the gig horse.

  24. The stables are wonderful, I almost expect to hear the sound of hooves on cobblestones. I see Fifi, I had a black cat named Fifi some years ago, they are always curious about what we are doing aren't they. And you do look fetching in your costume, with beautiful girls either side, the celebration sounds like fun.

  25. Hello Patrick! Just wanted to thank you for joining the Undersized Urbanite contest. It's such an honor to have you.