Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A zinc roof

Hello and welcome back.
So after building the Mansard roof with plywood, I had to think how to make it look like zinc. After making a research on Google pictures, I decided to glue thin strips of balsa at regular intervals.
After hiding the screws, I painted a sheet of drawing paper in grey, and cut 3 strips of paper.
Then I slowly glued them with latex glue, making sure not to tear them with my nail when I covered the strip of wood.  That was pretty long to do but I was quite happy with the result.

Finally I clued the cornice, aged it and added strips of paper around the window.
and here is the result:

Now I have to age the chimney, and aged the roof a little bit as rusted zinc really looks that color. Though I'd like it to look a little older but I am scared as this is just paper and it won't accept any errors. Wish me luck for tomorrow!
[In Thailand, there are many stray cats and they have a very difficult life. Here is one who visits us (my cat and I) every time I work outside. He is wild and I can't get near him but he loves to watch me work. Of course he knows that when he comes home, he will get free lunch. Here is his picture:

Last one, Mimine, my companion, hiding from the sun:


  1. Hi from Greece! I just saw you on smallstuffdigest...and came over to have a look! amazingly beautiful your work!!! Many Greetings, Anne

  2. Hello Patrick, did you have a good time at the seminars? The faux zinc roof looks amazing.What are your plans for the inside? Aren't cats great work companions!? Wishing you a great day. gr. AM

  3. Love both of your buildings! Very lovely! The zinc roof is really something.


  4. Hi Patrick,
    I saw your post to SmallStuff and came to check out your blog. It is wonderful! Your shop is coming out great, very interesting and inspiring---

  5. des chats heureux , superbes les façades.

  6. The roof looks very good. I can only imagine how careful you had to be while working. It never stops surprising me how many things can be done with paper. I'm waiting impatiently to see the roof aged.
    Lucky you to have so much sunshine there... beautiful photos. It's hardly possible to take any photos here in natural light - too dark :(

  7. Wonderful design, wonderful colors ;)

  8. This is such a beautiful building. I like the zinc roof which I didnt know existed. I will explore your blog further.