Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The end is coming...! but the next project is coming soon...

Today I wall papered the interior of the facade that opens and painted the interiors of the shop windows.

I used the same colour at the front shops: two different dark greens. I didn't want to add a new colour.
Then I finished hiding the wires on the sides of the building and hid the screw heads.

Not much to do on the buildings now but I know I'll add some details later.
I need to get furniture for the room above the laundry shop. I'll probably order them later from UOL a company in Hong Kong. Most furniture are a bit... too much, but I have managed to find some nice pieces on their website.
I will post new pictures when I add new things but that's all for the building itself.
I want to thank all the people who visited my blog. I can't believe that 5500 people have viewed it,
Thanks to the regular followers who sent me messages and gave me advice too
and thanks to Mimine who has always been by my side to support me (without complaining even if her dinner was late!)
Now last picture. Who am I? Hehe!

That's me!
Bye for now

Hello, the next project: a couple of Chinese shophouses I saw in Bangkok. That should be interesting too!


  1. Je viens de découvrir votre blog et je regrette beaucoup de ne pas l'avoir vu plus tôt. Vos boutiques sont pas trop neuve, donc pleines de charme. J'attend avec impatience les nouvelles créations.

  2. Bonjour Dominique et merci de votre message. Je suis content que mes boutiques vous plaisent. Ce sont vriament mes debuts dans la miniature mais j'ai pu beneficier des conseils des autres dans leur blogs. Quelle belle invention!
    Je termine ma 2ieme boutique, la blanchisserie. Reste a meubler la piece du haut, une modiste sans doute. Avez-vous vu la 1ere boutique, le tailleur?
    Je vais visiter votre blog des que je vais avoir le temps.

  3. Hello Patrick, so this project of yours is almost finished and already the idea for your next one is starting to form in your head. Unbelieveable! Thank you for sharing, it was a pleasure to follow you progress and the outcome is wonderful.

  4. Marvelous work all around, Patrick! Bravo! I look forward to following your next endeavor! :D

  5. Hey Patrick, so jealous... you're standing/working outside in the sun... me in the freezing cold & rain wearing a scarf and a hoody inside with the space heater turend to MAX... anywhoha Congratz with finishing this beautiful project! I must admitte your new project looks very very very AWESOME! My first thought was "Empire of the Sun" that movie by Steven Spielberg. Looking forward to see you starting this new project.

    Mimine looks like she found a comfy spot ;)
    What is it with cat's and miniature houses!?

    Talk to you soon!
    Hug AM

  6. Bravo Patrick, vraiment tres tres belles ces deux boutiques et Mimine est trop mignonne et de precieux conseils ..LOl le nouveau projet va nous faire encore voyager,on suivra!!! Doei, claude

  7. The shops are beautiful and the new project looks very intriquing :)

    I followed the discussion on whether or not to paper the door on SmallStuff and I think yours are very successful as there isn't the patchwork of papers that you would have in a larger house. In your shops it really enhances the total look!

  8. I love how everything has turned out, and how fabulous the two places look side by side. The colours are truly wonderful.

    I'm not sure yet what to do about the finishing of the inside front either - it's a tricky one but with only the two rooms yours looks totally fine.

    I'm intrigued by what you've done with the wires on the outside. In my French project I'd intended to run them all down the inside between the exterior wall and the internal lining as Lea Frisoni shows in her book but something is blocking the channel and so some are having to go out the back. I think I'll try your idea and tape and then plaster over them. Thanks for the tip.

    The pic with you beside them is great! As is the one with Minime INSIDE! What a beautiful creature.

  9. Your shops are looking fabulous, can't wait to see them furnished. Isn't it fun how cats are drawn to miniatures, they like to squeeze into small spaces and are probably curious to see what you have been doing. Nice shot of you next to your buildings and thanks for the web link I must check it out. Your next project looks amazing too.

  10. Magnifique réalisation et je 'attends avec impatience le démarrage de votre prochain projet.

  11. Hello, fantastic exterior work....I wish I could hire you for my french house!!!

  12. Hi Patrick,

    I have just joined your blog. AM sent me over here and I really like what I see! Your shops are fabulous!

    Fi xx

  13. Thanks Fi,
    I'm glad you like my 2 projects. They really are my 1st steps in the world of miniatures but I find it very...challenging.
    However the second shop is almost finished and now it will take time to find the right furniture to match the style and the time of the building.
    I am going now to think about a new project, an old Chinese shop house that I have seen in Bangkok (I live in Thailand). They are two storey-buildings with a very typical style. I'll start working on the drawings next week.
    I have joined your blog too and share your feeling when you order something and it doesn't look quite..right.
    Have a great weekend,

  14. I just discovered your blog via AM. You do great work - I look forward to seeing your progress.

  15. Increíble tu trabajo!!! acabo de descubrir tu blog por casualidad y me ha encantado todo lo que haces,te seguiré desde ahora!!!

  16. The shops are gorgeous work, Patrick! I am looking forward to your next project: a Chinese shophouse!
    Hugs, Ilona

  17. Hi Patrick,your project is mazing!!Love the work,miniregards fron sunny Spain.