Wednesday, March 6, 2013

No, no, don’t run away! You’re on the right blog but today I won’t show you pictures of miniature buildings but real buildings.
As I told you before, my 3rd project will be a Chinese shop house. There used to be thousands of them in Bangkok, especially in Chinatown but they have almost completely disappeared. They are testimonies of the past when the Chinese business was thriving.

They are not really ‘beautiful’ but I need a change and I will go back to the French architecture later.
These shops are still to be found north of Chinatown in an area called… most of them are still occupied by the same families but the business doesn’t seem thriving.

As the architecture isn’t particular, I will try to focus on the ageing of the building and the damage of time. I will also focus on the interior of the shop.
One room downstairs, the shop, many of them are still Chinese pharmacies or local food shop. Very high wooden doors, no shop windows. One room upstairs, no windows, only wooden shutters. Big wooden signs in Chinese and Thai. Small “marquises” (J AM)  or awnings made of wood above the windows and the doors.
The painting is derelict, and often falling apart. I liked the green and the pink colors of the doors.

Some are in good condition, others seem abandoned. I don’t know yet what option I will choose. So here are some pictures.
I am not very good at drawing blue prints so I will just make a few sketches.
I don't know yet the type of shop I'll try to do, a Chinese pharmacy?maybe... 

I will keep you posted…
Have a good day!

The scale:1/12
The material: Forex, plywood, cardboard,


  1. Hi Patrick, I am catching up of reading blogs, so I didn't see this new post :D!
    Your new project is promising! The weathered shops, I really love the aging technique so I'll follow your progress with interest!
    Hugs, Ilona

  2. Love the idea! I'm curious what kind of shop it will be at the end.
    Wish you a "productive" weekend. ;-)

    1. Hi Christine, thanks for saying hi! I still don't have any idea about the shop. I will have to walk around Chinatown to find inspiration. Most shops actually are pharmacies, food shop, gold shop. Do you have any suggestion? Your suggestions are all welcome.
      I discovered your blog and your Etsy shop. I love Miss Oda!
      Have a great day,

  3. Hi llona, thanks for your message. I will start drawing the sketches next week. I have to take more pictures and some measures tomorrow.
    What are you doing right now?

    1. Hi Patrick, thanks for your answer.
      I am busy with making my miniature flowers for commissions or for myself, "inventing" and making new miniatures and to try new techniques for weathering/aging miniatures etcetera............if I can find a slice of time for this all ;)!! I also have a job, so.....;) I always work at several miniatures at the same time, love it.
      Ask Sans! for more information about those buildings, she was and still is a great help for me while I was/am building a Japanese treahouse (which is not unfinished yet (shame)!!
      Hugs, Ilona

  4. There are similar buildings here in Singapore as well :). In fact, till about 6 months ago, I worked in such a building. They are called "conserved shophouses" here. Although many don't seem like they have interesting architectural details, the fact that they were built pre-war deemed them worthy of conservation here. :)

    I really look forward to seeing what you will make :)

  5. it looks like an interesting build, when I lived in California I used to walk through Chinatown to get to work..the detail on the buildings was about a resturant..a golden dragon :)


  6. It's going to be an interesting, and unique, project to work on. I have no doubt you'll make a great job of capturing the special characteristics of the old shop-houses.

  7. How fun! Who doesn't love looking at old buildings. Love to see how you make them!
    GirlZombieAuthor - In Miniature Style II

  8. Hi Patrick... can you tell me what forex is? I've tried to google it but all the comes up seems to be a stock market item.
    If your next project is done as well as the last two, it'll be a joy to look at and watch while you make it step by step.
    Are you based permanently in Thailand or is it just a contract? Asking because I'm wondering if you'll need to take them back to France with you.
    hugs Karin

  9. Hey Patrick, a little bit late to the party but i had a crazy week so i am catching up with all the blogs. It looks like a great trip. hope the sketching and planning is going well! Gr. AM