Thursday, March 14, 2013

A shop on Etsy

Sorry for keeping you waiting but I haven't finished drawing the sketches for my next project, the Chinese shop house and I am bit late with all the final exams I have to grade before Songkran, the water festival and the beginning of our summer holidays.
I like to turn on the lights in the shops in the evening and this is what I see....I feel a bit sad they're almost done now. Only one room upstairs, the millinery's workshop, needs to be created but watching Downtown Abbey (which I love)
gives me a lot of ideas about hats...

I am happy to announce the opening of my shop on, its name is SERIBATU, the name of a small village in Bali where I used to go.
As I love antique markets in Bangkok, I have gathered quite an important number of miniature bronze statues. They are old and have got a nice patina. I am selling now some of them. The most beautiful will go into my Chinese shop.
I will had some Japanese clay flowers and my parrots on their stands.
Of course, if you read my blog and like any of these bronze statues and if you want to "swap", you're most welcome to contact me here.
Have a great day....


  1. I just visited your Etsy shop, I was seeking for miniature buddhist bronze for my curiosities cabinet. Now I have one more !
    Your miniature shops are really great.

  2. HI Patrick,
    I love your shops, they are fantastic. They have a very real feeling about them - which can be hard to find in most room boxes! I like how you have made them look sort of old and a bit dirty, which is very hard to do!

  3. Félicitations pour l'ouverture de votre boutique Etsy! Vos magasins sont fabuleux, je les adore avec la lumière. Moi aussi j'adore Downton Abbey.

  4. congratulations to the opening of your etsyshop =) you have very pretty statues

  5. Vos boutiques sont d'une originalité dingue... j'adore cette sobriété, ce dépouillement et cette atmosphère particulière. je suis une fan absolue de Downton Abbey!!!

  6. Wow! Your shops are extraordinary! Such wonderful patina. I can't wait to check out your Etsy shop!

  7. Congratulations for the opening of your Etsy shop. You have selected almost unique, original items.
    A few years ago I visited Bangkok and I remember the markets. A beautiful experience!