Sunday, April 28, 2013

From France

Here I am! At home! I mean my parents'home in Tours, France. The weather is quite chilly and i have to get used to a new temperature.
I took some pictures for you: my brother found an old book called "Architecture pour tous" dating from the early XXth.

It says "Maison de campagne", countryside house.....!
If you plan to build a French country house, I'll be delighted to take better pictures and email them to you. Just let me know the size of the house and how many bedrooms, 6...12? LOL
These prints are beautiful. He found the book on a flea market.
This morning, my sister-in-law and I did new flower compositions to sell in my Etsy shop. Here are a few samples:

And to finish, a picture of my cousin's beautiful cat: isn't she lovely?


  1. What a find! I love old architectural plans, I have several framed in my house.

  2. Hi Patrick! The book is a treasure, a real find!


  3. What a beautiful book!
    I like the sections. You get a view of the interiors with all the doors, the boiserie, the proprotions of the single spaces, the heights of ceilings, doors and windows, the framewoork under the roof, etc...
    On the ground floor is there a tiled stove in a niche?
    If it is not a problem for you, I would love to see some more photos of the interiors where there are interesting details. It would be really kind of you ;-)
    Also the flower arrangements are pretty (very ikebana!), but the architectural details are more my "style"...

    1. Hello,
      I will take more pictures tomorrow of the drawings of interiors.
      Can I have your email?

    2. Thank you very much!
      You can use this address:

      dadasdollhouse @

      I left spaces before and after "@" in order to avoid spam. The correct address is written all attached. ;)


  4. Ce livre semble formidable. J'ai eu l'impression que sur les dessins il n'y a pas toujours le même nom d'architecte, si c'est le cas est ce qu'il y aurait sur un dessin le nom Ernest Boué?
    Les bouquets sont toujours aussi beaux.
    C'est vrai qu'en ce moment le temps n'est pas vraiment celui d'un moi de mai...

  5. Bonjour Genevieve, je vais chercher si je trouve ce nom. Je suis à Parsi pour le moment, direction Giverny ce matin avec le soleil!

  6. Pretty kitty! Your flowers are wonderful!