Monday, April 22, 2013

A new challenge

Leaving Thailand tomorrow, I didn't have time to cut the different pieces for the Chinese shop but the sketches are over.
As I don't like to be idle and as my friend Maureen from Hawai needed flower compositions for her flower shop, I went to JJ market, the weekend market in Bangkok and got some lovely flowers from Hadatsin shop (they are so small, though almost perfect for our scale) and I also got some containers and here is the result: tin buckets with different flowers and 9 compositions for her shop, small ones and big ones. i once worked part time at a florist's in France when I was young so doing a 'bouquet' is not too complicated for me though my fingers are too big!
                                          Aren't they beautiful?

  I was told that phalaenopsis were so difficult to make and i can believe it. I asked for white ones next time.

                                         A small composition for the centre of a table
 If you think they are OK, I may do a few more compositions and put them in my Etsy shop when I return.

And finally I found another bronze buddha, it's only 3.5 X 4.5 cm but the details of the carving are so delicate. I couldn't resist and I bought it. I really love it. It doesn't have a stand but I'll make one today.
The Buddha is between two Naja snakes which protect him

I found this one too for my Etsy shop. It's quite rare, I had never seen it before

My suitcase is ready. I'll be in Bangkok tomorrow and on Friday I'll be in Paris!


  1. Your floral displays are so fantastic Patrick, your friend will be thrilled. I have made a few flowers from kits so I know just how difficult, or at least fiddly, they are. Bon voyage!

  2. I love the flowers, you've arranged them so beautifully, how lucky to be able to find such tiny ones at the market.

    Have a wonderful time in Paris!!! (I'm so jealous!)

  3. Oh, they are beautiful! It's beyond me how somehow can make them. I can't even make them from kits.
    So, if you decide to make some for sale give me a shout. ;-)

  4. Ces bouquets sont très beaux. Je suis sûre que beaucoup de gens aimeraient en avoir.
    Bon voyage!

  5. those flowers are beautiful and all the budda's are wonderful! have fun in Paris :)


  6. Thank you, Margaret, Norma, Christine, Genevieve and Marisa. I am glad you like my compositions as it was "une grande premiere" ( a first time) in that scale. I am quite lucky because in Bangkok there are a few women who do beautiful flowers, mostly bigger but two of them do them in 1/12.
    If one day, you need some special flowers for one of your projects, contact me by email and I'll go and see if they have them.I'll be happy to help you from that part of the world. Cheers
    I'll do a few compositions when I come back and put them in my Etsy shop.

  7. Please add them on your shop, specially the bouquets!!! my favorite the orange one.. I have some kits for years and never did them... Travel safe! Doei, claude