Friday, April 5, 2013

The milliner's room

At last, the 1st picture. It's just a project but it gives (me) an idea of where I am going.
The bedroom has been wall-papered. Both Gracieuse from Corsica and Hellie sent me the wall paper I wanted. Thanks again to both of them for working so quickly.
The color of the wall paper is very pale. The window on the left will give a lot of light to the room. On the right is a "cabinet de toilette" and the left, we can imagine it is the landing or a small 'entree".

To get an idea, I used a counter I had to represent the working table where the hats were made. I really had a hard time with the curtains but Barbara from South Africa suggested me to use water and glue, soooo I will try that. I am not happy with the pleats though the fabric is smooth and the color matches the wall paper but it still looks stiff, too heavy.

Imagine an armchair for the "cliente",  a mirror to check the hat,some frames, ribbons and feathers on the work table and you'll get an idea of what it will look like. I had a black feather and some black straw, so I made my 1st hat.. LOL
 I had nothing to make the wooden floor, so I bought  ice cream "sticks" but not two were identical so the result was not nice with a lot oof gaps so I used filler and sand papered it. So now it looks white but I will age it later to get a nice grey color. 
Have a great weekend,


  1. I like the room with the wallpaper, it's going to be great.

  2. very good room, i like all combination, congratulations.
    best regards,

  3. The room looks great, it has a nice atmosphere!
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. Patrick, Caroline Hamilton (founder of what is now the Kensington Dollshouse Festival) suggests soaking miniature drapery in "almost neat fabric softener" (i.e. barely diluted) to get it to hang correctly. I've done it to good effect with miniature linens.

  5. Preciosa la habitación!!! la combinación de colores,papel y telas queda muy ambientada!!!!

  6. Such a beautiful room. My compliments. Liduina.

  7. I have my internet connection back at last so I'm catching up on what you've been doing recently. The room is looking really wonderful. You certainly are a master at creating a special ambience.

    I've used icecream sticks too recently (usually I cut strips from basswood or balsa sheets) and they can certainly be a bit 'hit and miss' but depending on the age of the building the gaps and uneven appearance can be quite realistic.

  8. Votre travail est magnifique, j'adore l'ambiance que vous arrivez à créer pour cette pièce, cela promet d'être magique!

  9. try some hairspray for your curtains, I have used fabric stiffener, or spray starch but I had the same trouble. For my last project for a door curtain I used pins for the pleats and a couple of coats of hairspray, mine was silk velvet so you might not need as much as I did but they hang more real looking to life and still have movement.
    Keep up the great work Gina xxx

  10. good job Patrick, I love the way you capture light in your pictures, your photographs bring your beautiful rooms to life, great! With this room you made a really good start, I'm curious how it will evolve. I really love the shops, you've done a really good job with those, realistic looking and originally decorated and I just LOVE the exteriours! I'm also very pleased you found my metal plate tutorial so helpful, thank you for the compliments about it!
    I also wish you a great trip to France, I can so understand that you want to see your loved ones, I hope you have a great time, and travel safe. Monique