Monday, April 1, 2013

Bonjour, I don't like empty walls and in that room there were two big empty walls. So I long thought about what to do. As this is a milliner's room, it has to be simple though I liked the idea of the alcove for the bed. So I opened a large "verriere" on the right side, like an "atelier d'artiste" where artists could use the sun light to paint and save money. If you look up when you visit Paris, you'll see lot of them. These rooms have become expensive lofts.
I used the same technique as in the laundry room to do the window with tapes and I sprayed the window in grey. It only took me 30 minutes to do it.

 This is just get an impression: there will be a worktatble where hats were designed and made, a bit like this (I borrowed the table from the laundry shop downstairs) I think the parrot Christobal has found his ideal place by the window. I just hope nobody will pull his feathers to put on a hat!
 I need to find a small chest of drawers to put on the left, for the tenant to keep her clothes, though there must be storage in the small cabinet de toilette on the right. Now I have to do the curtains for the bed and I don't like it. My curtains are always a disaster!....

That's the wall paper that was chosen by most of you. I used to have the right software to make a whole page but the I can't use this program now.  Who could do a whole page withthis sample? The bouquet must be pretty small. Thanks if you can help. You can email to me at That person will receive a bronze miniature to choose in my shop as a token of my gratitude! :)

I found the little jug, the cake stand and the washing jug and basin in Bangkok. There are real China, not plastic, and hand painted. There are on sale in my Etsy shop Seribatu if you like them.


  1. Great progress! I was about to tell you that the idea of a verrriere (as you suggested in your comment to mine) was an excellent idea, and... here it is in your room. I love seeing them in Paris. I'm glad with the choice of wallpaper, I can't wait to see it in the room. Sorry I can't give you with the printing of this wallpaper, I only manage to do basic things with my computer.

  2. Hi Patrick

    have you tried Microsoft paint? you can reduce or enlarge anything you want with it..this is what I used and it comes with should have it on your computer already.

    here is a link

    I dont want anything, I just want to be helpful..please let me know if this works out for you

    Marisa :)