Wednesday, April 17, 2013

There was something I wanted to do:   a lamp that could go up and down.
Everyone in France born before the 60's probably remember them in their parents'kitchen.

Thanks to the explanation of Lea Frisoni in her wonderful book named " Le grand livre de la maison miniature" , I have done one and it is already installed above the table. In this book, you will find all that you need to know to build your own French house from A to Z. And the pictures are superb!
A must even if you can't read French. Below a few pictures of my lamp. I didn't use too much light as I wanted to keep that dark atmosphere in the shop.

Have a great day / evening wherever you are and thanks to all your great comments. I love reading from you. It is so encouraging!


  1. Hello Patrick! Yes! your lamp is just like the one in the book! You have done a great job with it and it adds just the right amount of mystery and ambience to the scene. It is perfect for this space and I love it!


  2. Your lamp look so good Patrick I really must buy that book!

  3. It's turned out perfectly. I'm a great fan of Lea's book too - and I don't read more than a handful of French words - the pictures are so good it's possibe to follow the instructions anyway.

  4. The room is looking wonderful. I love that lamp!

  5. Hi there Patrick! The lamp you've made looks great and I love that peaceful atmosphere in the shop! It's so beautiful!
    I bought the book you mentioned a few years ago even I don't speak Freanch at all. Those fantastic photos speak for themselves...
    Take care!


  6. Hello,
    Thanks for your messages. they mean a lot to me though we don't really know each other but we share the same .... interest or passion?
    Yes, Lea's book is a gold mine as everything is explained with drawings and measures. You don't really need to speak French but if you have a problem, you can always ask me.
    Yes, creating a room for me is like a set on a stage before an opera starts. At first sight, you must get a feeling and get into the ambiance before the singers enter the stage and start singing.
    That's why I care about the lights and add few pieces of furniture. Otherwise the eyes get lost on details.
    I always try to find a center in the decor which attracts the eyes. Here it's the table with the irons and the linen which has just been ironed that must attract the eyes. Ok, that's all for now.
    By the way, yes I love opera! LOL

  7. I have received Léa's book as a present a couple of years ago from my sister who lives in Paris. I fully share your views on this book. It is soo inspiring and has detailed explanations.

    You're right Patick, the strength of your laundry is the minimalism and light. Excellent choice the suspension lamp with counterweight.

    Greetings from Italy!


  8. The whole room looks fantastic, especially by the lighting. You did a great job on the lamp, Patrick!
    Greetings, Ilona

  9. Bravo, Patrick ! J'adore, elle est vraiment réussie. De plus, les photos de cette boutique ne pouvaient pas être présentées autrement qu'en « ombres chinoises »… C'est très artistique. :)

    Many thanks to everyone for your kind comments about my book… It makes me very happy! ♥ Léa

  10. your were so right to use the light that you did, indeed it gives it the perfect kind of atmosphere. I love that about your work and find it a great extra in your already fantastic work!