Monday, December 16, 2013

The room above

       First and above all, I want to thank all of you who read my last post and left a message, Catherine, Giac, Catherine/ Mooghiscath, Anna, Dada, Maureen, Patricia, Marisa, Genevieve, Drora, Lila, Pilar, Neen and all the other friends who left messages on my Facebook

I enjoy sharing with you my project but it's great to hear from you too.

So, the cabinet of the pharmacy are slowly but steadily getting filled with jars of medicines and of bags of herbs.... Can you belive there are more than 100 little glass bottles.

The pharmacy will be over as soon as I receive the drawers pulls from....South Korea!

The foundation powder does really well for dust. Try it the next time you want to create an attic or a dusty atmosphere.

         The room above is the pharmacist's room. Only one room to sleep and to cook. 
In Thailand, most houses didn't have a kitchen. In the countryside, people still cook in the room where they sleep. And often the bed is just a mat on the floor with a pillow and a bed sheet if it's cold....I mean less than 29 degree Celsius!

I made a bed as I wanted to add a mosquito net ( made from a double layer of gauge for dressing. It's a simple bed with 4 posts. A thin mattress (always) I need to do some cushions.

Not much furniture, a bench for the cooking utensils, a clay pot on a wood ?? stove? (every house has one),  a kind of wok to cook Tum yam, the traditional spicy soup, a chopping board to cut all the herbs and vegetables.
 There are also pots and ladles and two ripe mangoes (they're delicious with sticky rice and coconut milk!)

Some fishing traps hang on the wall. Even in Bangkok, people like fishing in the Klongs and in the Chao Praya river. They like to cook catfish. They grill them, i.e. the grill on the left.

I long thought about a way to make a tiny garland of flowers to add to the altar with the Buddha. I made one is with ...wool.

On the other side is the a cupboard to keep food away from mice and ants. We'd call it un "garde manger" in French. The middle section is covered with chicken mesh so that air can circulate.

The 4 feet are standing in pots with ...water to prevent ants from climbing up. This is something I have often seen in houses here and it seems to work. It's a bit to large. I'll try and make a smaller one, thinner.

At the back a high bench to keep their clothes. Unlike most of us, Thai people do not have much furniture, even today. Only what they need. No table and chairs, they dine on the floor. No couch or armchairs and coffee table, and, and, and....Life is simple.
The walls are yellow with a lot of smoke stains because of the cooking.

I can feel this project is almost finished and I really enjoyed doing it. I am already thinking about the next one.....

Thanks again for your kind comments. It is really important to hear from people who share the same hobby/passion, whether the comments are good or bad, they help to go forward.

if I don't post anything before Christmas, I wish you all and all the people who share your life a

Happy and Peaceful Christmas.

Patrick in Thailand


  1. Hi Patrick! I love the look of the basic lifestyle, no clutter and everything has a use. You have captured the look brilliantly, and the lighting adds nicely to the atmosphere. I look forward to seeing the final result, though I can't imagine what else you could do to it! Kind regards, Brian.

  2. J'aime vraiment la couleur des murs . C'est une couleur peu habituelle pour nous . Elle est très belle . Les photos avec les lumières donnent un aspect trés réaliste . J'admire particulièrement tous les paniers . Ils sont très exotiques .... Est ce toi qui les a fait ? Ou est ce un artisan local ? Rien qu'en les voyant on voyage . C'est une très belle chambre . Comment se déroulent les fêtes de noël tout la bas ?? Le père noël connaît le chemin ? Joyeuses fêtes à tous .

  3. Bravo pour ce magnifique travail. J'adore le meuble avec toutes les petites bouteilles. Le coin cuisine et l'atmosphère qui se dégage de la chambre sont très réussi.
    J'adore vous lire car vous partager aussi la vie, le quotidien... Ces choses simples que nous ne connaissons pas et qui sont très intéressantes.
    Merci pour vos voeux. Passez de très bonnes fêtes également.
    À bientôt.

  4. You did a splendid job on the upstairs room, explaining so well the customs of
    living in Thailand. It's a fabulous building and a great piece of work!
    Hugs, Drora

  5. You create such beautiful work, and your explanation gives it even greater depth. I learned quite a bit today and I love the cosmopolitan globalism of our hobby, thank you!

  6. Hello Patrick! Your bedroom above is a mini work of art! I love the extra details that really make the space seem lived in and authentic! The information about the water jars was a specific bit of insight that I would never have known. Thanks for the tip about the the foundation powder! I am impressed with your solutions which make me hit my head in a 'Now Why didn't I think of that!!!?' Brilliant idea and Brilliant execution of this project!
    Have a wonderful Christmas!


  7. Je suis impressionnée par le nombre de bocaux. J'aime beaucoup la pièce au premier étage et la façon dont elle est éclairée. Grâce à elle et ce que vous nous expliquez on apprend beaucoup sur la vie en Thailande;
    Joyeux Noël!

  8. well patrick you've outdone yourself, the upstairs room looks like it came from a book


  9. It all looks wonderful! :D I love the second photograph. The lighting is so atmospheric.

  10. ce que j'aime dans ton projet c'est qu'il n'est pas commun .C'est un bel hommage au pays dans lequel tu vit .