Sunday, August 4, 2013

Finished but still empty

Sorry for not publishing anything for the last few weeks. Too busy with work, new courses to prepare, seminars to attend, trainings to organize, etc... but today I managed to work and almost finished the shop house.
First, I placed the hinges ( something I don't like to do) then cut the floor for the 2nd floor, finally I painted and aged the side walls. I added two little windows with bars (as they do here) Now time to show you some pictures....

I have bought these lanterns and covered them with red silk paper, they are now equiped with electricity but I think they are too big. What do you think?
Have a great Sunday with your family.


  1. Cette maison est une belle réussite. Je ne trouve pas que les lanternes soient trop grosses.

  2. I don't think the lanterns are too big at all. Some places hang even bigger ones. Great job!

  3. Nice work. The lanterns are fine!

  4. Hello Patrick! I love this building and your work from beginning to end, is Exceptional! This looks sooo real and the bars on the window are perfect! As to the lanterns, they look like the right scale to me. I think that they only look' too big' to you because they are new and contrast with the age of the building behind them. Red grabs the eye anyway and makes the eye linger a bit longer. That, of course, would be exactly what a shop keeper would want; to draw the eyes of customers to his establishment.
    I Love what you have done and encourage you to keep it going!


  5. me encanta¡¡¡...las lamparas las veo de un tamaño adecuado para nada grandes ¡...un besin

  6. Hi Patrick

    I dont think they are too big and I think the building is great I cant wait to see the inside :)


  7. I agree I can't see where they are too big -they appear to be the correct scale Thanks Marilyn

  8. Hello Patrick,
    Your building is exquisite. I love the exterior finishing. It looks so realistic! The doors are just wonderful and I love the lanterns.
    Big hug,

  9. I found your blog today. I love the ageing effects you use. Great blog!