Saturday, July 6, 2013

The roof and the side walls are now installed

The owners of the Chinese shop have now a roof above their head. It's not painted yet but I'll do that on Monday.

I have to add some windows on the side as usually these houses are built in  a row.
I will find some elements to give life to the facade. Old sposters, incense holders, Chinese lanterns hanging from the awnings...

As you can see, I don't use miniature tools, just regular ones I bought second-hand on my local flea market.
The next step will be to use filler on the walls and find the right kind of roof they have here, tiles or shingles. I think I may have to go back to the location and take more pictures.
and now let me show you some pictures, these are the real ones...

 If I dared, this is what the facade could look like but I'm afraid to go that far, though I admire Mr Ichiyo Haga's work and his reproductions of French shops

 Now about the shop itself. What about this Chinese pharmacy near the Indian quarter of Bangkok?
 Nothing has changed since 1900! It's like a movie set but the difference is that here everything is genuine.

 or this Nouveautes shop? I met the owner, an old man of Indian origin. His father opened the shop in 1910 and everything dates from that date. A real museum. His father's picture is hanging on the wall.

 Now the next step will be to improve the ageing process. I don't know much about cracks... and how to give that look but I'll try. That's a new challenge.
 About the inside... this is how the remodel small shop houses into one big. It would make a nice living room, wouldn't it?
 And to make miniaturists dream, what about this one? That would be a crazy project, wouldn't it?

Have a nice Sunday!


  1. Bonjour Patrick,
    La boutique chinoise avance bien. J'adore cette ambiance si différente des miniatures habituelles. Les magasins réels sont incroyables. Cela rendra très bien en miniature, j'en suis sure. Il me tarde de voir.

  2. La boutique avance bien et le résultat est splendide. Je suis d'accord avec vous le vieillissement à des limites. Les façades de M. Ichiyo Haga sont vraiment très foncées.
    Je trouve l'intérieur de la pharmacie excellente, tout est figé en 1912 et c'est authentique. Bon courage si vous réalisée l'intérieur de votre boutique car il y a un fouillis "bien rangé".
    Pour votre prochain projet je suis entièrement fan de cette façade. Elle est sublime. C'est un projet qui me conviendrais mais pas facile à réalisé vu les détails précis des balcons.
    Bon dimanche

  3. HI Patrick,

    Your shop looks fantastic. I think it is great that you have done a replica of a real shop, I find it less challenging to just make it up based on inspiration pictures - so it is the easy way out not to copy something exactly. I love the original condition of the shops you have photographed, and your eye for detail (that you spotted they were original in the first place). I look forward to seeing how you decorate the interior!

  4. j'adore l'ambiance de la pharmacie avec tous ces tiroirs et le bazar ambiant .J'aurai peut-être la chance de voir en vraie ce genre d'échoppes car je pars en Thaïlande dans 15 jours .
    Une très belle réalisation de boutiques qui change des devantures Parisiennes.Vivement la suite.

  5. it's starting to look like the photo you took, I like how you add things to make it look so real but I think you should take it all the way..if you can top yourself you should do that! we only go around once might as well have a ball doing it


  6. Hello Patrick! Your shop has got so much character and personality and I am of two minds. I like the look of aging and anything that looks Well Used, but you are correct, just how far does one take it? I guess the solution is to determine how 'old' the building is and how long it has been standing prior to the time it is representing. Yours already has a nice patina of age and only you can decide just how much more you can be comfortable with. I think that the addition of extra windows on the side will be a bonus because the Natural light that you will get will make it look so much brighter (as you know) and your windows are already a Fabulous feature that you do soooo well.


  7. I really like it so far,I think making it look authenic is important but its ultimately whatever you find aesthetically pleasing that counts-whatever makes it so real you see yourself entering it etc.Thanks for having such a nice blog I really look forward to your posts.

  8. Votre travail n'arrête jamais de m'étonner.

  9. ongelooflijk... incroyable .... amazing !!!!


  10. Love your blog. Really interesting. The lanterns look great.