Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ageing the Chinese shop house


Yesterday I started ageing the facade. Remember what it looked like?

I started with a gray tone with a little yellow in it.
Then I prepared a darker tone which I put with a sponge. 
Brushes leave marks but sponges don't.

Here is my first video tutorial:
A bit amateur but I promise I'll improve, LOL
Click on the arrow in the centre....

In the process, I often checked with the original pictures on my computer. 
Then, gradually, the building started to have its own life. Little by little, I added colours to angles and moldings as usually, in Thailand, because of the monsoons, this is where black stains first appear.
Of course, you have to be creative and not afraid to use too much color and then wipe it  in order to get the right tone.
Then I aged the door and the shutters using a white layer, then used the sponge technique again until the green painting gradually disappeared.
After an hour, sweating in the Thai afternoon heat (before the evening rain), the house started to look like what I had in mind.

 Now the fun part, adding details: 
Chinese always decorate their facades with votive posters to bring them good luck or money or both (LOL), so I added a few I had photographed.
The metal sheet for the awning for the door and shutters is ready and so is the wooden sign that shows the name of the family in Thai and in English.

And now the sign hangs above the door

Thanks for spending a few minutes reading my blog and I hope tonight I'll be able to show you the awnings.
If I dared, this is what one of the houses looked like
But I am afraid it would be too much....

Have a good day

From sunny Thailand.....



  1. El envejecido te ha quedado muy real,buen trabajo!!!!!

  2. me encanta el resultado...y te agradezco el vidio explicativo yo estoy por hacer tambien un trabajo similar ¡...un besin

  3. Patrick your aging technique works amazingly well, it looks so realistic. Look forward to seeing more.

  4. Bonjour ,
    La patine est très réussie . C est agréable de voir ce projet avancé .
    J aime beaucoup les petits détails .

  5. C'est fantastique de réalisme...

  6. Hi Patrick! Your house looks fantasticly authentic and it's always a pleasure to check out how your work is getting on!
    With best wishes from sunny Finland!

  7. Bonjour Patrick
    Magnifique travail de vieillissement. Je n'avais jamais avec une éponge mais je crois que c'est une très bonne technique.

  8. Thanks to everyone :) More pictures tonight. The awnings are under construction!

  9. I'm a bit late visiting but simply have to complement you on the patina you're building up on this facade, and I think the video is great. The 'dirtying' process is such fun don't you think? Especially as we spend most of our lives stressing about keeping everything clean :)