Sunday, June 16, 2013

Painting the doors

I have started painting the wooden doors and shutters. It's a combination of green and beige. The ageing will play an important part in that project.
I have used parts of a wooden fan that was broken to represent the wooden decoration in the windows
I cut and glued three pieces together on a piece of acrylic to give them strength and set them in the window frames
 The picture below shows you what I had in mind but I didn't manage to do exactly the same decorations.
(In Thailand, most windows have bars to prevent unexpected visitors from coming inside the dwelling, because the windows are often left open)
Now the painting needs ageing but I have to wait for the 1st layers to be really dry or else I'll wash them away.
This is how it looks now.


  1. Patrick this looks really really good! I love the way the shutters fold so beautifully and I like your color combination! From a distance the re-worked fan that you have installed in the upper portion reads as a white lace curtain valance. Is that your intent? It is a brilliant idea to piece that lovely fretwork from the fan together as you have to duplicate the full-sized application. You are definitely thinking out-side the box! Great work!


  2. Thanks Elizabeth, Yes, I was looking for something like a wooden valance for the decoration above the windows and I rememembered I had this broken fan somewhere. Many houses from the early XXth century in Thailand have wooden decorations.I am happy you like the color. Next ageing... that will not be the easy bit but I like new challenges

  3. I like how it's turned out and that bit about unexpected visitors.. that made me laugh.

    Marisa :)

  4. Thank you, Patrick. Your use of the ends of the fans has given me some wonderful ideas for work of my own.
    Hugs, Maureen