Friday, June 7, 2013

The milliner's worktable

Something you'll like....

I hadn't finished the milliner's bedroom but it's on its way now.
The lovely hat stands and the hat block were made by Roseline. She lives in Tasmania and followed my blog. As the wood lathe has no secrets for her, she has made these wonderful hat stands. I really like them all.They are so....perfect!
Roseline, thanks again! :) Now I need to find scissors, and other things that could have been found on such a table. Any ideas?
The hats were made by Luned from Justfor you miniatures Luned makes the most beautiful hats you can find. They are so delicate. Luned's from England. I wanted Victorian hats and they are just amazing. Visit her shop.

 The green hat is now ready to be collected. I need to make a hat box! Diego the French "bouledogue" (bulll dog) seems impatient to go out for a walk....
I found a little pastel portrait of a girl who could be the milliner. I just need to find the right frame for it.

Another nice view of the table

This is a global view of the scene now soon to be completed. Three more hats to come...


  1. J'adore la table avec le travail en préparation. Les chapeaux sont très beaux.

  2. C'est sans doute la saison 1 de Downton Abbey qui m'a inspire le choix des chapeaux. Pas facile de trouver de petits rubans ici. Pour les plues, j'ai attendu que mes 2 perroquets perdent les leurs pour leur subtiliser.
    Vivement la saison 4 de D.A!

  3. Love the room and the hats are exquisite...

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  5. J'ai effacé mon message par erreur. Je le reformule donc. Très belle scène et un plus pour les magnifiques chapeaux.

  6. Wonderful Patrick. The hats are gorgeous.

  7. Beautiful scene!
    I loved the light from the window. =)

  8. Oh you are so right Patrick! We DO LIKE IT! We like it a LOT! The collection of hats are just wonderful, so beautifully made and such lovely colors and finishes on them. Did you specify the colors that you wanted or did Luned just use her own judgement? If you are looking for scissors, take a look at 'A Beautiful World' blogspot, you will find that Josje has just purchased some tiny scissors that actually cut! I don't know how much realism that you want but she has done a short video to demonstrate them. Regardless, your milliners room is really taking on Personality and with the hat stands on the table with the marvelous hats, it is really becoming an interesting and very inviting space.


  9. Hi love what you are doing, I have some scissors, I can send you a couple if you let me know your address,

    1. Hi Debbie,
      That would be great. Thanks a lot.
      Can you send me your email adress at and I will email my address to you?
      Thanks again, I was really looking for scissors in 1/12 to add to the table

  10. J'adore, les chapeaux sont superbes.