Saturday, June 8, 2013

A detail

On the pictures below, you can see the grooves on the shutters.
 This is important. It will allow the thread to run freely through all the parts. I did a groove on both sides with a cutter.
 You can also see a small pin like an L shape on the second picture. I did 4 of them.
When I applied the glue and set the two layers together, I inserted the pins in the grooves.That way I made sure the glue didn't prevent the pins from moving freely inside.
In the end, I removed the pins and inserted the nylon thread in the groove.
That will be a good idea if you want to make shutters, paravent (screens?), or even tiny boxes or trunks. We all know how difficult it is to use hinges. It'll work with doors too I guess if they are thin. For cupboards for example.


  1. Perfecto,gracias por la explicación!!!

  2. Bonjour Patrick,
    C'est une super bonne idée ces charnière en nylon élastique. Tes explications sont très claires, j'ai tout bien compris.
    A bientôt.

  3. This is a very clever trick you explained to us in your post. You are sure inventive!

  4. Wonderful blog! I'm glad you found it!
    greeting: Anda

  5. Thank You Patrick! You have made many of us very happy Indeed!