Saturday, June 15, 2013

Flower arrangements

There are in Thailand very skilled people who make miniature flowers with polymer clay or Saa (Mulberry) paper. I bought some last weekend and spent a couple of hours doing new presentations for my Etsy shop. I have found new varieties: sun flowers, cyclamens, irises and leelavadee flowers (frangipaniers in French)
This is what my work table looks like:

 I like the new irises. They are so tiny!

And now the arrangements are ready....

Some examples, more in my Etsy shop on page 2.
There are also many new bronzes that I havedecided to sell. I can't keep them all and I am happy if they can be yours and decorate your projects. They are all made of bronze and some are quite old and worn out. Remember Thai people keep them to protect them and bring them good luck.

Have a nice weekend !


  1. The flowers are gorgeous Patrick and so wonderfully detailed =0)

  2. Beautiful flower arrangements!

  3. Unos arreglos florales preciosos!!!

  4. Gorgous flower arrangements!
    Hugs, Drora

  5. You have a lot of patience, Patrick! I can't make myself to work with such small pieces! The flowers are gorgeous!

  6. Gorgeos! Why don't you make a video for this? Here are some flower arrangements of mine:" Flower Arranging

  7. Truly awesome beautiful Flowers NYC arrangements. Planning to do something like this for valentine’s day. Will implement your ideas for sure. Going to have a small get-together at my place too. Hope will be able to arrange a good one.