Monday, November 9, 2015

The villa and the "Parfumerie"

I have taken more pictures of the villa for you. First, "la bibliotheque" is done now and it just needs better curtains.. the color of the ones I made doesn't match!

It's a small room but I kept the original measures I had on the old print.

Now I can show you the east side of the building...

And from a different angle....

The Christmas tree has already been installed in the "grand salon" and they will have to decorate it.....

The bathroom is finished, I finally found the towel rail on ebay. I just need to find a better washbasin.

 From another angle ....

I worked on the kitchen too. it looked empty without food. This I can't do!....

The "bouchees a la Reine" (I guess,  it refers to poor Queen Marie Antoinette) were made by Belsminiworld and "les entrees", le "pate de Paques", the "roti' and the cake being prepared were made by Magenta Minis, both  are very talented artist

Les Bouchees a la Reine, le pate de Paques, (the farm hens laid big eggs...!)

Le carre de porc

La preparation du dessert

The 4-pound bread is by Bels miniworld too. Both artists do commissions!


I am now building a shop for a customer in the US. She wanted me to build a French "parfumerie" . Here it is with some pictures...

 The facade is almost done. Now it needs painting.

The building is now over...

The "oeil de boeuf", the roof window and the roof are ready now.

I did the domino floor for the shop and the laboratory.

It could be a nice antique shop too, LOL!

Holy smoke! You can see me in the reflection of the shop window!

And a little gift, there is a video of the Villa on my Facebook page. With music!  And a second one to prepare Christmas here Enjoy it  

I am always so happy to read your comments and do my best to reply to everyone. Any questions about my work are welcome. Have a nice day!


  1. Bonjour Patrick,
    je reste impressionné par la perfection (et la rapidité;-) de votre travail.

    1. Merci Jean Claude. Le prochain projet est deja en route....!

  2. The details are wonderful! I love the cat on the floor.

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  4. It all looks amazing Patrick......loving your attention to detail!

  5. Impresionan te la villa y sus habitaciones,es todo tan real que cuesta pensar que es miniatura!!!
    La tienda de perfumes tiene una apariencia fantástica,me gusta mucho y a su cliente le fascinará!!!!

  6. Bonsoir Patrick,
    Merci encore pour ce partage. Cette maison est tellement fabuleuse, tellement française! J'en rêve. Et quelle perfection de réalisation.
    A bientôt,

  7. Beautiful Patrick. Your villa is the stuff of my dreams.

  8. Beaux progrès dans la maison avec la bibliothèque. La nourriture apporte beaucoup à la cuisine. Je vais aller voir les liens car je ne connais pas ces artistes.
    J'aime le sapin dans le grand salon, cela me fait penser à Downton abbey.
    La parfumerie est une nouvelle belle réalisation.

  9. whaouuu ! je suis toujours scotchée par ta capacité de travail . j'arrive à faire a peine une pièce quand tu as déjà fini ta maison et quelle maison ! j 'aime le volume de la grande salle avec le sapin . seul bémol , les photos sont trop petites . oui , les français râlent toujours ... :)) je voudrais voir encore plus de détails . la cuisine prend une jolie tournure . c'est toujours très sympa de voir un diner qui se prépare .
    j 'aime particulièrement le volume et la patine extérieure de cette maison . c'est une belle réussite . et c'est super de pouvoir l 'admirer sur différents angles . qu 'est devenu le chat sur le toit ?? :))
    il faudrait en réaliser un à l 'échelle en facience. cela se faisait beaucoup au début du siècle .

  10. It's looking very good Patrick, it is so nice to see it all come together! I'm curious if 'they' will decorate the christmastree in time, or that you'll have to do it for them in the end, haha! Lovely room by the way! I enjoyed your video's, I especially liked the views through the windows, it gives it an instant layer of realism that is amazing! You have a gorgous villa there, well done!

  11. Oh Patrick, I so admire your work. I don't come to blogger so much lately, spend too much time on FB, but I'm glad I did. Will go back now and study your photos, just amazing and so classy. Wishing you the best for Christmas 2015!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous! I wish it was mine....sigh.

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